by Jessica Colombo

Hi everyone, I’m Jess. I’m a senior Spartan marketer graduating in just 1 short week and the student behind about half of the posts on this blog. With graduation upon me, I’ve been reflecting on my past four years here in this fine establishment, Michigan State University.

In the year leading up to graduation and that coveted full-time job offer, one thing that I feel a lot of students deal with is the uncertainty of the future. I used to see it as this big black hole of scariness. I realized that most of the time, I was looking toward the future and constantly trying to shape or predict it. Frustration and more anxiety filled me when my perfect plan didn’t pan out. Sometimes what your seemingly perfect plan is, isn’t the one that is really meant for you. There is a way to keep the anxiety down and the faith up– keep reading my friends.

What if you knew your future, whatever it may hold, was going to be awesome?

From my experience at MSU, here are some tips I picked up along the way to predict my awesome future.

“80% of success is just showing up.” – Woody Allen

The great thing about this quote is that it can be tailored to any goal. So what does it mean to show up? To me, it means to start something. If your goal is to get good grades, showing up to class is 80% of the battle. So, what’s the other 20? A wise professor once told me its being present. Fully focus on whatever the experience is.

I chose Michigan State University as my school of choice because of its stellar reputation with Study Abroad. So I signed up and showed up in Paris by myself ready for adventure. The connections I made and things I learned on that trip were invaluable. My roommate and professor ended up being two of the most influential people I’ve encountered thus far.  They have both led me to great opportunities and lasting friendships.

So let’s talk opportunity. The future will definitely be awesome if you keep a mindset that opportunities are endless.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

In a perfect world, opportunities would be waiting on your doorstep every morning to greet you when you wake up. How could you actually create that perfect world? One way to keep opportunities flowing is to be on the top of others minds. Make it a goal to meet someone new every day, that way your mind will always be open to new things.

But sometimes its not perfect. Have you ever encountered something that you really wanted, but was just out of reach? I have. There is a festival held annually called SXSW that brings experts from the interactive technology, media and marketing industries together for a crazy week of conferences and collaboration. I knew I had to be a part of it. I realized that the MSU Alumni Association was putting together a team to go down to the festival to serve as evangelists for the University. After digging and doing some research into their mission and figuring out how I could fit, I wrote up a proposal about what value I could add to the team and presented it to my boss. I turned a No into Maybe in his mind. The Maybe finally turned into a Yes and I was able to travel to SXSW and had an amazing experience. I created an opportunity that was not there before, opening a door that was previously closed. As a result of that trip, I recently accepted a job from a company I connected with at SXSW called Zaarly.

So, whether you are just starting your journey at MSU, facing graduation or a successful professional, the sky really is the limit.

Be open to making new connections and stay in touch!

Show up to things

Be creative and go after things that you’re really passionate about.

Go out and make your future awesome! You’re welcome.

Jessica Colombo is senior Spartan Marketer graduating in May from MSU. She recently accepted a position in Zaarly‘s world domination department as a Marketing Manager. In addition to working for MSUAA Career Services where she gets to do fun stuff like write for this blog, she also enjoys rocking out to old school Michael Jackson in her cube and eating coffee flavored Haagen dazs ice cream. Say hi @jcolombo


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