By: Jessica Colombo

This post is supposed to be my final goodbye to MSU as I cross the bridge from a college student to a working young professional. But truthfully, I will never say goodbye to this place. Even though I will be crossing the stage tomorrow at the Breslin Center as I receive my diploma, I will be a Spartan for life.

People keep asking me if I’m sad or if graduation is going to spiral me into depression.  But no, I’m actually content. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished in my four years at Michigan State University and I am ready for the next adventure in this awesome life I have ahead of me.

My time here at Michigan State has been an outrageous chapter that has shaped my perspective from a small town girl to a world grant lover of learning. From my mom crying when she dropped me off at Holden Hall four years ago to taking the Fray out to coffee, to swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy, to contributing to a marketing textbook, to leading a student organization on campus, to screaming my lungs out for the Green and White in the Breslin Center, to experiencing South by Southwest (SXSW), to running a half marathon, to signing my first real job contract, to my mom crying (again) as I walk across the stage tomorrow, realizing how much I’ve grown up.

Because that’s what college is really for anyway: self-growth. The point is that I am a different, hopefully better, and wiser person than when I started this journey four years ago.

I could outline and reminisce on everything I’ve done in my college career, but I don’t plan on writing a book anytime soon. While hindsight is certainly important, it is time to look towards the future. As I graduate from the Eli Broad College of Business, I will be taking with me a ton of knowledge and experience, but more than that, a huge network of relationships that I’ve spent building and nurturing through the years.

In my next chapter, I will be working for a technology start-up company called Zaarly that is on track to change mobile commerce, as we know it. I am adventuring to Kansas City, MO to work with a team of motivated allstars just as passionate about our product as I am. If you ask me where I’ll be in six months, I honestly have no idea- and I couldn’t be happier. My one goal this year was to find a job doing work I could be passionate about with people that are way smarter than me. I found it.

Thank you, Michigan State University, its been a hell of a run. Bring on the next adventure.

Congratulations graduating class of 2011! Good luck out there, stay hungry, stay curious and never forget your Spartan family.

Jessica Colombo is senior Spartan Marketer graduating in May from MSU. She absolutely loved writing for this blog and will write guest posts from time to time.  She will be working in Zaarly‘s world domination department as a Marketing Manager in Kansas City, MO. She also enjoys rocking out to old school Michael Jackson and eating coffee flavored Haagen dazs ice cream. Say hi @jcolombo


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  1. Emily 11 May, 2011 at 08:14

    Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, and good luck on the road to accomplishing great things in the future!

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