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Back to the Basics: Changing Jobs

By Tiffany Gaston

Happy New Year!

Now that the new year is here, many people often make resolutions that involve career changes. Some decide that they want to work in a new field or industry, while others enjoy the type of work that they do, but are looking to explore opportunities within other organizations. Regardless of the reasoning, preparation and insightful knowledge is key! Although we are slowing starting to recover, we are still a part of a struggling economy in which job opportunities are not plentiful.

In some cases, you do not necessarily have to switch jobs to be exposed to new opportunities. Discuss your interests with your employer and see if you can get involved in a project that involves responsibilities that would expose you to areas of the business that are of interest to you.

Another option would be to volunteer. As I previously stated, in our struggling economy, it may be best to hold on to the jobs that we have until things turn around. In the meantime, keep in mind that all experience doesn’t have to be paid experience- especially in an area that you are passionate about. Look for ways to get involved in and around your community. With an abundance of tight budgets across the country, many organizations are looking for an extra set of hands and a mind with a fresh perspective that they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

Along those same lines, set yourself up to become more marketable in the workplace. By acquiring new skills and taking a few classes or attending workshops related to your professional development, you are positioning yourself to be more attractive to prospective employers and your current employer as well! This new skillset will show your employer that you are willing to play a proactive role in your growth as a professional in your field.

 All of that to say:  Be grateful for the opportunities that you have today, and do your part to make sure that you have a better tomorrow!

Best wishes!


Tiffany Gaston is an Alumni Career Services Assistant for the MSU Alumni Association and is also a graduate student in the Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations program at MSU. She has already been hired by an amazing company that she looks forward to working with upon her graduation, and hopes to continue to mentor many more Spartans in the future.




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