By Tiffany Gaston

The snow has melted…the sun is shining…birds are chirping…and flowers are blooming. Students are having a hard time concentrating on school, as the end of the semester draws near…and professionals are anxious to get out of the office to soak up some sunshine. Yes, springtime is finally here!

The arrival of spring is more than just another day to Michiganders. It marks the official start of the highly anticipated warm and sunny (although sometimes rainy) weather leading up to the summer months, and makes the previous wintry mess a distant memory.

With these changes in nature often come thoughts of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth, and spring itself is often used as a metaphor for a sign of better times. No matter what definition of spring you most personally relate to, they are all symbolic of a positive outlook for what the future holds…a fresh perspective. In the words of Susan J. Bissonette, “An optimist is the human personification of spring.”

This is the perfect opportunity to try a new hobby, refine and expand upon your professional skills, expand your network, volunteer, or on a personal level, enjoy the great outdoors with close family and friends or dive into some much needed spring cleaning.

I challenge you to take a look at your life and seek at least one opportunity for growth or rebirth, and take the necessary steps to accomplish your goal. Let go of the procrastination or whatever it is that is holding you back from becoming who it is that you want to be, or accomplishing a goal- no matter how large or small. At the end of the day, just be sure that you take the time to do something that will make a positive impression upon your life, and that you are proud of the results!

Final Thought: No spring would be complete for any college basketball fan without March Madness, so make sure you cheer on the Spartans as they continue their journey to the Final Four!

Go Green!


Tiffany Gaston is an Alumni Career Services Assistant for the MSU Alumni Association and is also a graduate student in the Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations program at MSU. She has already been hired by an amazing company that she looks forward to working with upon her graduation, and hopes to continue to mentor many more Spartans in the future.





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