I Don’t Sound Like That

By Lisa Parker

Don’t you love hearing your recorded voice? Yikes. Science has an explanation, I’m sure, for why the voice we hear in our head doesn’t match what greets the rest of the world. The fact remains, whatever it is we think we sound like to others is wrong. Telling people “that’s not how I sound!” is ridiculous.

The same can be said when it comes to self-evaluation of how we come off to others. We have our own biases and filters that don’t allow us to know for sure how we are received without actually asking. When people give us feedback that clashes with what we believe to be true, it is easy to discount that as nonsense. That person doesn’t understand, doesn’t like me, is overly sensitive, doesn’t appreciate the same things or has unkind motives for being critical.  There may be some of that in the mix. What if there isn’t though? Consider the possibility the feedback is sincere. How might your message or delivery be contributing to that opinion.

I personally feel those who give us honest insight to how we sound ‘to them’ are giving us a gift. They can’t speak for how the rest of the world hears us, but they can offer us nuggets to digest so we can decide if adjustments are necessary on our end. Contrary to what the “it’s not my problem what other people think of me” crowd believes, the successes and failures we experience in life can often be tied to our ability to communicate effectively. Insisting you sound the way your head tells you you do, without taking stock of what others are saying, isn’t a good strategy.


Lisa joined the Michigan State University Alumni Association as Director of Alumni Career & Business Services on May 1, 2012. Her primary focus is to develop effective networking and resource channels for experienced alumni interested in professional development and job search strategy assistance. Additionally, Lisa works directly with corporate, education, foundation and government partners seeking to attract qualified talent, retain and develop good employees, and establish collaborative relationships in line with their established goals and objectives.

With 15+ years’ experience in third party recruiting, Lisa offers a balanced understanding of both employee and employer perspectives.

Lisa is a firm advocate of the networking process and considers it a vital element in a successful job search. In addition to helping job seekers develop and best utilize networking contacts, Lisa shares her knowledge and insight-gained aiding corporate recruiting efforts-to give Spartan job seekers an edge in terms of lead sourcing, resume presentation and interview strategy.

Among Lisa’s notable accomplishments: Prima Civitas Foundation Scholar; Michigan Works Association Volunteer of the Year; Pink Slip Mid Michigan Planning Committee; RecruiterUncensored.com career content blogger.

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