Basketball and Graduate School

Each Friday Lisa Parker and I have been recording unscripted, candid, lo-fi conversations with the hope that maybe one of us will throw out a good idea that might help a Spartan.

Today, Tim Bograkos (former Spartan Basketball player and current Alumni Engagement guru) and I snuck up to the fourth floor of the stadium to share a few ideas about deciding to go to graduate school.

You might notice that the filming looks a bit more produced than usual, and that’s because we were able to convince our pal Dave Brown to loan us a few minutes of his time and talents to put this video together. Thanks Dave!

Please feel free to jump into the conversation with your own ideas about the subject.

Go Green!


Dave Isbell is the Alumni Career Service Coordinator at Michigan State University. He has been a Career Coach since 1999. He has just finished up a Master’s in Social Work at MSU. When he is not working or studying, he is enjoying domestic bliss with his wife and kids, or playing rock music on his bass guitar. You can find him on Twitter (@helpingspartans) and sometimes he writes about compassion, collaboration, and career for this blog, which he owns and begs other Spartans to write for.

Tim Bograkos is an Alumni Engagement professional in the MSU Alumni Association. He graduated from Michigan State in 2004 with a BA in Advertising, then in 2005 with a BA in Communications, then again in 2009 with a Master’s in Sports Administration. While a student at MSU, Tim played on the basketball team and was fortunate to win a big ten championship and go to two final fours during his time on the team. He went on to play as a professional for two years before returning home to MSU. You probably know him best as the “Sixth Option.”


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