Tell us your story – get free gifts!

Spartans! We have gifts for you!

Lisa did it again! She’s got a soft spot for kids who are selling things, and wouldn’t you know it, the Girl Scouts just suckered her into buying ten boxes of Thin Mints.

The trouble is, she won’t eat them, and the last thing I need is another cookie in my belly!

So, we want to give them away to you and we’ll throw in some cool MSU swag just to sweeten the deal (pun intended.)

The first ten people who add a comment on this blog telling us how the MSU Alumni Association has helped to make their lives better, personally and/or professionally, will get an email from me asking for your address so we can send you your goodies.

What are you waiting for? These cookies aren’t going to eat themselves. (And if you wait to long, I may just end up eating a box or two or ten by myself. Please, help me get these things out of here before the temptation gets too great!)

Go Green!



11 thoughts on “Tell us your story – get free gifts!

  1. Thanks to all of you for your comments. We love to hear stories about what you are experiencing from us, and your feedback is always welcome regarding what we are doing well or what we need to improve on. You should be receiving an email from me shortly. Just respond to that with your address and look in your mailbox within the next few days. Go Green!

  2. Though I am not officially part of the alumni association yet since I am a senior, I worked for the student-run brand of AA for two years – the student alumni foundation. This exposed me to the depth of Spartan Nation early in my college career, inspiring me and motivating me to connect with Spartans across the world. I was able to see the university in a different, new light, and realized what being a Spartan was all about. Now, as I gear up for graduation, I am proud of what the university has taught me, the Spartans I have met through AA along the way, and the ones I will continue to meet post-grad. Go Green!

  3. The alumni association invited me to a great meet and greet back in 2009, with fellow Social Science graduates. I was a little apprehensive going alone as well as being so young. I thought it was AMAZING to meet those who had a graduating year of “1958”. I had such a good time and even greater conversation with these people that I may have never come across. In Chicago, I’ve also attended alumni events when I’ve had time away from work. I enjoy browsing the alumni website and also seeing what other alumni clubs in other cities are doing.

  4. The MSU Alumni Association has helped me out as I returned to school with all the career services and advice available. Knowing that wherever my career winds up taking me there will be a network of active Spartan Alumni is incredibly reassuring.

  5. The MSU Alumni Association is led by Scott Westerman, who has had a huge impact on me personally. I first met Scott before I had commited to MSU at a mixer for potential applicants from California. I was already pretty in love with MSU since visiting. However, after talking to Scott that day, I knew I was totally sold on a school that cared about me as a student and would have my back. Since then, I’ve been so glad to be friends with Scott, and sure enough, he’s had my back ever since I got to MSU. I look up to him as a mentor, and I know there’s always someone I can call. The Alumni Association and it’s staff are already having an impact on my life, even though I still have two years until graduation! I couldn’t have made a better decision about where to complete my college education.

  6. I feel like I’m not old enough to be a part of the Alumni Association, but it does seem to be a great resource! Re-connecting with the university and its alumni has been invaluable! I am so glad to have resources like this available.

  7. The MSUAA has given me a great opportunity to make connections across the country. It was amazing to see them at work during the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. And by being a recent graduate it’s nice that they give us a 2 year complimentary experience with the MSUAA – something that I plan to continue membership with so that no matter where my career takes me I have Spartans to connect with.

  8. I like that the MSU Alumni Association lets me know about events that are happening in my area and at MSU. I love all the volunteer opportunities and chances to connect with people that they provide.

  9. Dave has helped greatly with career advice and pointing me in a direction that has worked for me. I appreciate all the blogs and information provided through the alumni assoc. Keep up the great work guys.

  10. Through the MSUAA Alumni Association, I have gained a huge network of contacts from across the US, many whom I consider good friends. They have helped me with experiences I have had profesionally and personally, and have definitely made my life much richer.
    I think the main reason I am so passionate about our local alumni group is because of the opportunity to meet new people who have that common connection back to MI and MSU.

  11. I’m new to the whole Michigan State Alumni Association thing. However, I’m already seeing that there are lots of opportunities to communicate with fellow alumni, my old journalism school, and others. And I will be attending the new Spartan Startup Career Fair, and hope to do some networking and maybe seek some employment to go along with what I’m already doing. And I would not have found out about that if it hadn’t been for being in the MSU Alumni Association. Larry Launstein Jr.

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