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What is Alumni Professional & Personal Enrichment at the MSU Alumni Association?

For those who have wondered why Alumni Career & Business Services made the shift to Alumni Professional & Personal Enrichment, a sampling of our upcoming programming for October paints a clearer picture. For your benefit, we’d like to point out our effort to classify our programming under AlumniLENS. LENS stands for Lifelong Enrichment for Spartans. We’ve described in the past how positioning ourselves exclusively under a career services umbrella limited the reach we had with our base of 500K living alumni. Most only felt the need to intersect with us during times of professional transition. To be more valuable to our alumni, we needed to create opportunities for people to engage and remain connected with MSU and fellow alumni now and into the future…regardless of employment status. Career content is still a big part of our portfolio, but you’ll see we are working hard to build other channels of interest that allow a stronger connection to campus and contribute to well rounded Spartans.

What follows are promotions for:

  • LIVE from MSU – events streamed live from MSU viewers are able to watch from a PC, tablet (Livestream App) or web tv service (Roku)
  • Professional Series webinars – webinars take place the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month and can be viewed on a pc or on a device with the Adobe Connect app
  • MSU Opening Doors – our corporate behind-the-scenes experience that heads to the Kellogg Company in October
  • Spartan Women – a new series we’ve launched that made its debut in Chicago & will travel to new cities in 2015
  • MSU Alumni Association LinkedIn Group – a vibrant community of 51K+ Spartans
  • LENS Online Offerings – a listing of over 150 online courses & certificate programs Spartans worldwide can access

Enjoy! Please click on the links associated with each promo for more information. We’d love to hear what you think of our programming.


Homecoming Livestream 

Recipe For Health

Gordon Wood

Richard Cordray

Professional Series Webinars

Jeff Ellman

Laura Labovich


MSU Opening Doors: The Kellogg Company

Kellogg Open Doors 

This corporate experience will have an MSU 60/50 twist. Kellogg is 31st in the nation for diversity and inclusive hiring practices. This experience will allow 150 participants the opportunity to do the following:

  • Hear from Kellogg’s Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion on how they built this dynamic culture
  • Experience a panel of Spartan alumni working at Kellogg, moderated by Paulette Granberry Russell, with alumni representation from each of Kellogg’s 7 employee resource groups as they share their contribution to the culture, best practices and how MSU prepared them for working in diverse & inclusive settings
  • Enjoy a generous offering of food samplings from around the world during dinner that can be selected from tasting stations
  • Hear from DeBrenna Agbenyiga on MSU’s work with civil rights – past, present & future – with emphasis on current global civil rights issues (that are also argued to be human rights issues) that can be tied back to domestic examples surprising to the audience
  • Part with closing remarks from Paulette Granberry Russell on campus developments in diversity initiatives.

 Spartan Women

 Spartan Women -Chicago

Spartan Women – Chicago

2015 Spartan Women Events:  San Francisco, East Lansing, Detroit, DC, Chicago

MSU Alumni Association LinkedIn Group (52K Members)

 LinkedIn Group Cover

AlumniLENS Online Learning


Thank you for taking a look! Remember, this is a sampling of what we do. When you visit the LIVE from MSU links, if you click on the ‘events’ tab, you’ll see the archive of past streams. To explore our archive of Professional Series webinars, click on the ‘Recorded Webcasts’ tab above on this blog page.

Lisa Parker – Director of Alumni Professional & Personal Enrichment


Lisa joined the Michigan State University Alumni Association as Director of Alumni Career & Business Services on May 1, 2012. Her primary focus is to develop effective networking and resource channels for experienced alumni interested in professional development and job search strategy assistance. Additionally, Lisa works directly with corporate, education, foundation and government partners seeking to attract qualified talent, retain and develop good employees, and establish collaborative relationships in line with their established goals and objectives.


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