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Spartan Insights: A New Way To Make The MSUALUMNI Linkedin Group Work For YOU!

One of our goals in the MSU Alumni Association is to create platforms for Spartans to connect with one another so that they may be helpful to one another. Another of our goals is to create resources to help enrich Spartan’s lives both personally and professionally. One thing we have done to achieve both of these goals simultaneously is to create a large Linkedin group AND to host “Spartan Insights” discussions within that group.

Spartan Insights is a bi-monthly Linkedin discussion thread which features one Spartan at a time and is meant to give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding those Spartan’s experiences within his/her specific company, industry, or occupation.

These discussions are open for two weeks at a time and answers will be given at the convenience and discretion of the featured Spartan and will be answered from the Spartan’s own personal experiences and opinions which are not meant to be representative of his/her company’s official position. Once the discussion is closed, it will remain in the group to be viewed but no further discussion inside of the discussion group will be allowed.

Please be aware that this is meant to be both an opportunity to connect with other Spartans (both the featured Spartan and those who participate in the discussion) and to be informative. However, questions related to your status as a job candidate, or confidential information (such as trade secrets) will be ignored and comments that we consider to be disrespectful, rude, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.

If you would like to be a featured Spartan, or would like to suggest someone else to be featured, or if you just want to share some “offline” feedback about the forum, please contact the Assistant Director of Professional Enrichment at the MSUAA: Dave Isbell – write “Spartan Insights” in the subject line.

(If the above link does not take you to the MSUALUMNI Linkedin group, it probably means you need to join the group, or log into Linkedin. Once logged in, just search for MSUALUMNI in “Groups” and join it. There are many alumni groups for MSU, ours is the largest with over 50,000 people. Once you have joined, search for the discussion entitled “Spartan Insights.” Sorry, this group is only open to MSU Alumni, current students, and faculty/staff of MSU.)

Need help understanding how to use Linkedin? No problem!

Here is a Webinar we created on the basics of Linkedin. (You will need to download an Adobe app to make this play on a mobile device. All of our webinar recordings can be found on the “Recorded Webcasts” tab on this blog.)

Additionally, you might find some great tips on how to use Linkedin here.

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Dave Isbell is the Assistant Director of Alumni Professional Enrichment in the MSU Alumni Association and is also the owner, primary writer, and editor of this blog and corresponding twitter account. His primary role in the MSUAA is to develop resources and manage projects that professionally enrich the lives of Spartan alumni. Dave is not able to accept individual appointments, but in developing programs and projects he does draw from his training as a Limited Licensed (Clinical) Social Worker and his background as a professional Career Coach since 1999. 

The opinions a views expressed throughout this blog are of the writer(s), and may not be the views and opinions of Michigan State University.


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