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Achieving Your Goals ThroughThe Power of Three: How to achieve your goals by simply doing three things a day

By Lisa Dietlin (Guest Blogger)

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People often say to me, “You are so lucky.” What I tell them is that yes, it might appear I am lucky.What has in fact been going on is a purposeful and strategic plan of action. I share that I achieve my goals by doing a little bit each day to get to where I want to go. It is similar to saying you want to take a trip to the other side of the continent or world.  Most of us can’t just say we want to do this and then, as if by magic, it happens. Most of us have to plan the trip – determining the timeframe in which it will take place, schedule the time off from work, save money, purchase travel books, etc.  We often find ourselves doing something each day towards this goal.  I have noticed, though, that when it comes to achieving our dreams and personal goals many of these skills – so natural in planning things such as vacations – don’t happen naturally.

The result (and this book) is years of working in a style and with a system that I thought everyone used.  It was only when giving presentations and speeches did I begin to see the impact these “tips” were having.  Throughout my talks, I would offer these ideas as “tools” to be put in the listener’s “toolbox” so that they would have them readily accessible in the future.  What always amazed me was that after my presentation was done, many leaders and managers would approach me saying, “I’m taking these ideas back to my business and having everyone do them…and oh, by the way, do you have this in writing so I could share it?”  I would sheepishly answer that I did not – that it was simply what I did every day to achieve my goals whether in the political world, nonprofit arena or in my consulting business practice.   Over the years, the requests came often enough for me to be prompted to write this book.

Additionally, it is my contention that most people want to do something to change the world.  However many are at a loss as to where to start often thinking they lack the specific knowledge or road map.  Through utilizing The Power of Three philosophy and methodology, individuals learn not only “how to accomplish something” but “how to do it with a passion and purpose”.   I also believe things should be practical and useable so I share new tactics or “tools” (as I like to call them) that can be utilized and implemented almost immediately upon returning to the office or home.

In short, The Power of Three provides helpful ideas on where to start, how to do the ‘hard’ things, the best way to network, when to seize opportunities and how listening just might be the key to it all.  Through reading and implementing these seemingly simple strategies, your goals and dreams, both personal and professional, will be attained.

Here is a short summary of the chapters in the book….

Chapter One: Power of Three: The Three Things a Day Rule

Set a goal

Do three things (i.e., phone call, email, research, outreach, etc.) toward it each day

3 things a day x 5 days a week = 15 things a week

15 things a week x 52 weeks = 780 things a year toward your goal

Chapter Two: Be Tenacious

Don’t give up. Keep trying.

Japanese proverb says, “Fall down seven times, get up eight”

Chapter Three: Be Authentic

You are the only one who is YOU.

By being you, unexpected and wonderful things can happen.

Do what YOU want to do.

Chapter Four: Follow Up in All Situations

Many opportunities are lost due to someone not following up when extended an offer of help.

Chapter Five: Networking is Not A Dirty Word (the key might be listening)

When you are “networking” the most important thing you can do is listen.  Don’t be so busy telling your story that you forget to listen.

Chapter Six: Do Something Every Day that Makes a Difference to Someone Else

When you are stuck or don’t know what to do next, consider doing something that will help someone else.  Sometimes helping someone else is the fastest way to making your own dreams come true.

Chapter Seven: Always Be Prepared

You never know what opportunity is going to knock.  Be sure to always have your business cards and a way for people to contact you.

Chapter Eight: Be True to Your Word

If you say you are going to do something, do it.  Often we tell people, we will make a call for them, send an email on their behalf and then never do it. Honor your word and commitments.

Chapter Nine: Social Media Maximized

Use all the tools in your toolbox.  This means don’t forget about social media.  It is sometimes those in your “dormant” network that can help you the most to achieve your goals.  Just because you haven’t seen or talked to someone in a while doesn’t mean they won’t help you and vice versa. Reconnect with those you have lost touch with by using social media.

Chapter Ten: The Thing You Most Don’t Want to Do

Do the hard things first. Do the activity you most dread first thing in the morning! Get it started or done first thing in the morning.

Check it out; use the simplicity of The Power of Three to jumpstart your success with New Year resolutions and goals.  Remember dreams do come true – you might just find they come faster by following the advice found in The Power of Three!


Lisa M. Dietlin is an internationally recognized expert on philanthropy, charitable giving, and transformational change who, as a leading figure in the American nonprofit sector, is a highly coveted keynote speaker, media personality and philanthropic consultant.

Ms. Dietlin’s decades-long experience in the fundraising and nonprofit arenas, groundbreaking research on giving patterns, and influential ideas on transformational philanthropy have led her to become one of the most trusted philanthropic advisors in the nation. She is a frequent presence on several TV and radio programs, including NBC, CBS, Oprah & Friends Radio, WGN, The Weather Channel and WCIU in Chicago, FOX News and National Public Radio. She is frequently quoted in national publications such as USA Today, Marketwatch, Reuters andThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, and regularly contributes toThe Huffington Post on her blog “Making a Difference®: The World of Giving.” In 2007, Lisa was named Charity Contributor to CBS 2 Chicago, and has since appeared regularly to share ideas on how to get involved in charitable giving.

Ms. Dietlin is also the author of four books on the subjects of charitable giving and enacting positive change: Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits,Making a Difference: 365 Tips, Ideas, and Stories to Change Your World, Making A Difference II: More Tips, Ideas and Stories to Change Your World, Making A Difference® III: Still More Tips, Ideas and Stories to Change Your World.

Her fifth book, The Power of Three: How to achieve your goals by simply doing three things a daywas published in June 2014. All of her books are available for purchase on and on the Amazon Kindle.

As President and CEO of Lisa M. Dietlin and Associates, Inc., Lisa provides her expert advice and structured counsel to entrepreneurial individuals and nonprofit organizations to develop strategies that facilitate transformational philanthropy and charitable giving. Ms. Dietlin has provided her services to over 140 organizations nationwide, including the Alzheimer’s Association,Kiwanis International, the Junior League and Feeding America

Active in the development and fundraising arenas since 1982, Ms. Dietlin is, and continues to be, active on many on nonprofit boards where she contributes her extensive experience in strategic planning for development and fundraising. She is a frequent and highly valued speaker on the subjects of entrepreneurial giving, major gifts fundraising, moves management and board development.

Ms. Dietlin is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). She holds a Master’s Degree in Philanthropy and Development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. She has served as an adjunct faculty member for the Nonprofit Degree and Certificate Program at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois, where she taught “Annual and Major Gifts Fundraising” and the self-designed course “Capital Campaigns for Nonprofit Organizations.”

Ms. Dietlin resides in Chicago. She is originally from Alpena, Michigan.


Some may say it is too simple to be a strategy, others might think they already know these things.  But here is what some successful individuals said after reading the manuscript:

Much like comedy, with humorous idioms being funnier in threes, Lisa beautifully provides us with a road map to making amazing things happen in our lives. It takes a catalyst to spur on action, and I believe this book is that element to ignite the passion for not only success but happiness.  It’s never too late to learn from these simple words of wisdom.”

Phil Zepeda

Director of Communications

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation


“Where has this book been all my life??  Lisa has taken many things we know and some we don’t and put it in an easy to read, easy to remember, easy to implement practice.  A perfect gift to myself and others.  Thank you Lisa!”

Jan Pruitt


North Texas Food Bank


“Much has been written on the topic of how to achieve success. Lisa’s book The Power of Three  gives us a condensed yet perceptive method for establishing our daily goals while at the same time giving them substance and meaning. Her book contains great insight and advice for anyone looking to get their goals on a fast track to progress. I loved it!”

John Geddert
Twistars USA Gymnastics Club

2012 USA Olympic Team Head Coach – Gold Medal, 2011 USA World Team Head Coach


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