100% Employee Engagement—Guaranteed!

By Ross Reck (Guest Blogger)

The term “employee engagement” is used to describe a situation where employees are excited about coming to work and working hard. The leadership of any business would love to have a high level of employee engagement for a number of very good reasons that we’re all familiar with. First, employee engagement is the primary driver of profitability, productivity, innovation, employee loyalty, customer loyalty and stock price. Second, companies with a high level of employee engagement outperform companies with a low level of employee engagement, enjoy substantial cost savings due to reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, accidents and theft, and they are magnets for attracting the best talent. Clearly, having a high level of employee engagement is the way to operate a business.

As it turns out, employees would also love to have a high level engagement. It’s not something you have to force them to do. They’re dying to become engaged with their work. The reason is that when employees are engaged with their work, they have an emotional attachment to it—their work has become part of who they are. As a result they come to work each day excited about giving every bit of energy, creativity and passion to performing their job. Life as an employee doesn’t get any better than this.

So, here we have a situation where both the leadership of a business organization and its employees benefit in a big way from a high level of employee engagement. This being the case, one has to ask the question: “Why is the global level of employee engagement only 13 percent?” Why isn’t it closer to 100 percent? If both the leadership of a business and its employees want a high level of employee engagement and it’s not happening on a large scale, something is preventing it from occurring. The question is what?

During my upcoming webinar, I will provide the answer to this question as well as providing a new leadership model that guarantees a 100% level of employee engagement. I refer to this new model as The Engagement Formula. If you implement this formula in your organization, 100% of your employees will become engaged with their work—all working at their full potential. This should be exciting news to all business leaders everywhere, especially given the fact that a recent global study conducted by the Gallup organization found that only 13 percent of employees are engaged with their work. This means that slightly more than one in ten employees are willing to do whatever it takes to make their company successful. On the other hand, nearly nine in ten aren’t working anywhere near their potential— they’re either apathetic toward their job, doing the minimum amount to get by or actively doing things to undermine the success of the business.

Want to learn more? Join Ross and the MSU ALUMNI LENS team on a webinar of this same title on Thursday 03/26/15 at 12:30PM EST. Register here!


Ross is president of Ross Reck & Associates. He is also the author of soon to be released 100% Employee Engagement—Guaranteed!, Turning Your Customers into Your Sales Force, The X-Factor and his very popular newsletter: Ross Reck’s Weekly Reminder. In addition, his coauthor of Instant Turnaround!, REVVED! and the best selling The Win-Win Negotiator.

A compelling and dynamic speaker, Ross has been featured at hundreds of meetings, conferences and conventions throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. His consulting clients include Hewlett-Packard, John Deere, American Express, Janssen-Ortho, Inc., Shire Pharmaceuticals, Philip Morris International, the Chicago Cubs, Rolls-Royce and Xerox.

             Ross received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1977. From 1975 to 1985 he served a Professor of Management at Arizona State University. During his career at ASU he was the only two-time recipient of the prestigious “Teaching Excellence in Continuing Education” award and was identified by the university as an “Outstanding Teacher.” Since 1985 he has dedicated his full time efforts to improving the way that the world conducts business.



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