When you drafted your first resume, what were you hoping to accomplish? This is the first question I pose to many of my audiences when I speak about developing an effective job search strategy. Typically the answer is “to get a job.” Many are surprised to learn that is not the purpose of a resume at all, rather it’s just the first step.

Yes, the resume is important, and so is the interview; but what about networking and maximizing social media to develop a professional brand?

My coaching style is all about professional development.  I want my clients to think beyond getting a job and to focus on establishing a career. I want you to take your goals, interests, skills, qualifications, achievements, and past experiences and consider how they all work together to form your professional identity.

For students and new graduates that means making a solid connection between what they may have learned in school and their long-term career goals. For those who already have experience in the workforce, it means identifying transferable skills and highlighting those skills in a way that promotes success.

With more than a decade of experience in both the higher education and professional arenas, I have provided guidance to students and alumni studying and pursuing employment in various fields including business, marketing, psychology, counseling and education.

As an independent career facilitator, I use an interactive, client-centered approach to develop employment search strategies. This approach includes encouraging clients to show-off their accomplishments, demonstrate their abilities, and showcase results.

As a university career specialist, I focus on turning that dotted line that connects the student self with the professional self into one that is solid and bold by integrating career goals into as much of the educational experience as possible.

As a past career-changer, I can relate to a large population of individuals who believe that past experiences form a holistic identity and more often than not add value to new pursuits.

In addition to 1:1 work, I have a proven ability to develop and facilitate relevant seminars, presentations and workshops geared toward career development. The theme of professional development is also evident in the undergraduate courses that I have taught, including “Interpersonal Effectiveness,” “Skills for Success,” “Student Leadership Training,” “Negotiation & Conflict Management,” and “Transitional Success.”

I am a proud Spartan, who received both my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Master of Arts in Communication from Michigan State University.

If you want to focus beyond getting a job to establishing a career, please feel free to contact me at (773) 750-9886 or email me at estherwallen@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.


Esther Wallen is a Global Career Development Facilitator, Certified Professional Resume Writer and founder of Wallen Career Solutions.

Skilled in assisting employment seekers with resume development, job search strategies, and networking, her experiences span more than 5 years in career services, both independently and at different universities in Chicago. 

Beyond resumes, Esther is focused on the professional development of her clients. She has been referred to as a valuable resource to help individuals with goal setting and developing strategies for success. She utilizes conventional and unconventional formats, both in professional endeavors and in the classroom to facilitate the career development process.

Esther obtained a Master of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, both from Michigan State University.

Esther Wallen, MA, GCDF, CPRW
Wallen Career Solutions




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