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Spartan Insights: Featuring Mobile Marketing Manager, Jessica Colombo.

This week’s Featured Spartan is Jessica Colombo (See her LI profile.) Jessica had agreed to answer questions about her industry, career background, and anything else she can help you learn to further your career. This discussion was open from 06/29/15 until 07/16/2015. Spartan Insights is a regularly scheduled LinkedIn discussion thread inside of the MSUALUMNI LinkedIn group. Each discussion is meant to give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding one Spartan’s experience within a specific company, industry, or occupation. Answers will be given at the convenience and discretion of the featured Spartan and will be answered from the Spartan’s own personal experiences and opinions which are not meant to be representative of his/her company’s official position. Questions regarding a person’s applicant status at the featured Spartan’s place of business will not be answered in this forum. Interested in being a helpful Spartan? Contact me at isbelld@msu.edu.

Dave IsbellHi Jessica. Thanks for being here! I’ll kick off the conversation with the first question. Can you help us understand the pros and cons of working for a startup?

Jessica Colombo –  Hello Spartans! It’s great to be here. I worked in VC startups for 4 years post college, and am now building a mobile marketing agency in San Francisco. Nowadays, startups are all about shiny new technology product/software companies & how much money they can raise from venture capitalists. They sound pretty sexy at first, as the allure of being a part of a potential rocketship like Facebook or Twitter, is indeed, pretty sexy. The reality is that there are about a thousand failed companies for every winner. And being a winner is hard, hard work. Here are the pros and cons of working for a small stage start up: Pros: 1. Be a part of an extremely passionate team 1. Opportunity to wear many hats 1. Make tangible contributions to the company Cons: 1. Very little work life balance (if you have a very small team) 1. Uncertainty (future of the company) 3. Always being short of resources (personnel, funding)

Kara – Hi Jessica! What first interested you about the Marketing field? For someone that doesn’t know much about Marketing, what does the typical day of a Mobile Marketing Manager look like? Thanks for sharing!

Jessica ColomboHi Kara! I was a marketing undergrad at MSU. I was very interested in the psychology behind what motivates people to buy, follow or be interested in a brand. That got me hooked on marketing in the beginning. Now, what I love the most is the analytics side of marketing and answering questions with data. Currently, in mobile marketing, I work with clients who have mobile apps to market their apps and acquire new users. I love this job because I get to work with myriad companies who all have different problems to solve. We set ad campaign strategy, execute ad campaigns on social networks and report our findings. The “Mobile” part means that we are serving ads on the mobile phone for mobile apps. Mobile is the fastest growing segment in digital advertising and it is changing everyday as publishers come out with new avenues to test!

Kara – Marketing in the mobile industry must be very competitive since mobile devices are our go-to technology! I was really interested by your comment regarding the psychology behind what motivates people to buy a brand. Could you talk a little about some of the ways you incorporate psychology into an ad campaign?

Jessica ColomboHey Kara, apologies for the delayed response! Great question. Yes, mobile marketing is getting more and more competitive as more advertisers enter the market. When marketing anything, its important to know who your customer is. Once you figure that out, you have to figure out how to find those people and get your message to them. We find our target market in many ways from demographic information to things people are interested in, to what people are talking about online. Then, we can tailor the message to that group to create the most relevant ads.

Dave IsbellThanks Jessica for your excellent insights here and your willingness to be helpful to Spartans! And thanks to those of you who joined in (or watched.) This discussion was originally featured in our MSU Alumni Association group on Linkedin, where we start new Spartan Insights discussions each week.


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