You’ve probably noticed in the past few months a story or two about an upcoming political election. (If you haven’t, please stop reading right now and do a quick Google search on the term “election 2016,” go ahead, we’ll wait right here for you to come back when you’re ready.)

But have you ever thought what it may be like to get in on the action? How might you start out if you wanted to be more involved in the political process? What’s an average day like for someone on the ground floor during a campaign? What’s the career trajectory look like for someone who is working in politics? How does an average sports fan end up in his favorite team’s bullpen for an interview? (Ok, admittedly that last one has nothing to do with a political career, but it is an interesting story!)

Listen to this Spartan Insights podcast to hear the answers to these questions and more, with our featured guest, David A. Wishinsky.


David A Wishinsky has spent the majority of his career in political fundraising building organizations from the ground up and creating what are essentially small “businesses”​ that last for several months, their revenue being contributions and their product being the hope for a better future. It was a desire to help America be a better place that led him to politics and his current transition into the private sector is the place where he feels he can best leave his mark. He is a graduate of Michigan State University (Political Science and Economics) and has recently begun an MBA program at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he will focus his studies on marketing and entrepreneurship.  In his spare time – which is becoming a limited commodity – he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two cats, watching Michigan State football and hiking. He has never lost a game of Monopoly, earned the first press pass ever for a blogger from the Oakland A’s, enjoys a good hefenweizen and if available would pursue a PhD in bullpen usage studies.

If you’re looking for a Spartan who is willing to help another Spartan, you can find David on Linkedin. He’d welcome your request to connect. Just tell him you found him here!



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