Max O’Conner’s family had always struggled financially and after a job loss the family was left homeless. To help out, Max got a job and one day on a two mile walk to work, he made up his mind that he would change his situation and that Michigan State University was the place where he need to go to make a new start.

Yet coming to Michigan State was the easy part. Remaining enrolled as a student was much more difficult. It wasn’t because Max was a terrible student or that he was not a hard worker, but because far too often he found his financial needs were larger than his wallet.

Each semester, talented and hard-working students just like Max struggle with the often unexpected needs that arise during college. For some, it’s a house fire or chronic health issues. For others, it’s the loss of a parent’s income, a reduction in financial aid eligibility, or the inability to secure a job close to campus or to make ends meet despite having a job.

This year, would you consider joining with Michigan State University’s Giving Tuesday initiative to raise funds for the currently depleted Emergency Assistance Scholarship Fund? This fund helps students who find themselves in need and therefore at risk of being unable to carry on at Michigan State. Without funds, this scholarship cannot do what it was intended to do, and without YOU this won’t get funded!

By participating in this year’s Giving Tuesday on December 1st, 2015 your gift will be doubled by a promised match. That means every one of your dollars will turn into two, automatically! Think about it! If you share the cost of one cup of coffee today it will be matched and put into a fund that goes directly to those in need. Who knows? You could be helping MSU’s next rising star to overcome a 4th and inches crisis. And it could be your push that sends him or her into the end zone!

Wouldn’t you like to know that your dollars went directly to helping another Spartan to take one more step toward ending cancer, developing the next great technology, or creating the next artistic masterpiece?

To give, just click here and follow the instructions. 

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday December 1st, 2015. Make your donation count as double by giving to this campaign on the 1st!

Have some fun challenging your friends on Twitter to give by using these hashtags: #GivingTuesMSU and #SpartanUnselfie

For more information about Giving Tuesday and philanthropy at Michigan State, listen to this short podcast by the architect of MSU’s GivingTuesday initiative, Scott Remington. 


Scott Remington is the Assistant Director of Crowdfunding in the Annual Giving department. He currently manages CrowdPower the Crowdfunding initiative here at Michigan State University. As of November he has managed 19 projects with a success rate of almost 75% (industry standard 20%).

He is the architect behind #GivingTuesMSU and #SpartanUnselfie: MSU’s GivingTuesday efforts. This led to a 600% increase in gifts from the previous year and a 200% increase in unique donors. Scott is a proud Spartan graduate from the Eli Broad College of Business.



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