LISA DIETLIN, M.A. Author, philanthropy expert/advisor, coach, TV/Radio personality. Lisa coaches people to achieve their goals through her methodology of simply doing three things a day! You will be amazed at the results. EXPERTISE: Philanthropy/Nonprofit sector; Women in Leadership; Goal setting for individuals with undecided career goals.



The Power of Three

How to achieve your goals by simply doing three things a day

People often say to me, “You are so lucky.” What I tell them i
s that yes, it might appear I am lucky. What has in fact been going on is a purposeful
and strategic plan
of action. I share that I achieve my goals by doing a little bit each day to get to
where I want to go.   It is similar to saying you want to take a trip to the other side of the continent or world.  Most of us can’t just say we want to do this and then, as if by magic, it happens.  Most of us have to plan the trip – determining the timeframe in which it will take place, schedule the time off from work, save money, purchase travel books, etc.  We often find ourselves doing something each day towards this goal.  I have noticed, though, that when it comes to achieving our dreams and personal goals many of these skills – so natural in planning things such as vacations – don’t happen naturally.

This book and my coaching style/efforts are the result of years of working in a style and with a system that I thought everyone used.  It was only when giving presentations and speeches did I begin to see the impact these “tips” were having.  Throughout my talks, I would offer these ideas as “tools” to be put in the listener’s “toolbox” so that they would have them readily accessible in the future.  What always amazed me was that after my presentation was done, many leaders and managers would approach me saying, “I’m taking these ideas back to my business and having everyone do them…and oh, by the way, do you have this in writing so I could share it?”  I would sheepishly answer that I did not – that it was simply what I did every day to achieve my goals whether in the political world, nonprofit arena or in my consulting business practice.   Over the years, the requests came often enough for me to be prompted to write this book and to build a practice around coaching others to accomplishing their through the Power of Three.

In short, The Power of Three provides helpful ideas on where to start, how to do the ‘hard’ things, the best way to network, when to seize opportunities and how listening just might be the key to it all.  Through reading and implementing these seemingly simple strategies, your goals and dreams, both personal and professional, will be attained.


Lisa M. Dietlin is an internationally recognized expert on philanthropy, charitable giving and transformational change who, as a leading figure in the American nonprofit sector, is a highly coveted keynote speaker, media personality, philanthropic consultant, coach and facilitator.
Ms. Dietlin has provided her expert advice and structured counsel to entrepreneurial individuals, corporate leaders as well as nonprofit organizations to develop strategies that facilitate transformational change. Ms. Dietlin has provided her services to over 1000 organizations nationwide, including the Alzheimer’s Association, BMO Harris, Kiwanis International, Aetna, VolunteerMatch, Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Junior League, Zonta and Feeding America. She has been a keynote speaker/presenter or facilitate discussions for several organizations and corporations including Navigant, UBS, Big Ten Development Conference, Alpha Gamma Delta, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, Stout Risius Ross, Sigma Kappa, Metropolitan Capital Bank and Trust, Merrill Lynch to name a few.
Ms. Dietlin’s decades-long experience in the fundraising and nonprofit arenas, groundbreaking research on giving patterns, and influential ideas on transformational philanthropy have led her to become one of the most trusted philanthropic advisors in the nation. She is a frequent presence on several TV and radio programs, including NBC, CBS, Oprah & Friends Radio, WGN, The Weather Channel and WCIU in Chicago, FOX News and National Public Radio. She is frequently quoted in national publications such as USA Today, Marketwatch, Reuters and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Crain’s Chicago Business, CS Magazine and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post on her blog “Making a Difference®: The World of Giving.”
Ms. Dietlin is also the author of four books on the subjects of charitable giving and enacting positive change: Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits, Making a Difference: 365 Tips, Ideas, and Stories to Change Your World, Making A Difference II: More Tips, Ideas and Stories to Change Your World, Making A Difference® III: Still More Tips, Ideas and Stories to Change Your World.
Her fifth book, The Power of Three: How to achieve your goals by simply doing three things a day was published in June 2014 and is available in 7 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. Her sixth book was released in September 2015 is titled, I Got Hit By A Taxi, But You Look Run Over: Life Lessons about Happiness and Joy based on her real life experience of being hit and run over by a taxi in the loop of Chicago. All of her books are available for purchase on and on the Amazon Kindle.
Ms. Dietlin holds a Master’s Degree from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and Alpena Community College. She has served or serves as an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University as well as DePaul University and North Park University. She is the Founder of The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy ( as well as several other companies.
Ms. Dietlin resides in Chicago. She is originally from Alpena, Michigan.

Twitter: @LisaDietlin  Facebook: LisaDietlin  Instagram: Lisa Dietlin


“Much like comedy, with humorous idioms being funnier in threes, Lisa beautifully provides us with a road map to making amazing things happen in our lives.  It takes a catalyst to spur on action, and I believe this book is that element to ignite the passion for not only success but happiness.  It’s never too late to learn from these simple words of wisdom.”

-Phil Zepeda
Director of Communications
The Robert R. McCormick Foundation


“Where has this book been all my life??  Lisa has taken many things we know and some we don’t and put it in an easy to read, easy to remember, easy to implement practice.  A perfect gift to myself and others.  Thank you Lisa!”

-Jan Pruitt
North Texas Food Bank

“Lisa Dietlin is a force for good and The Power of Three is the proof.  Sharing her insights for succeeding in life would have exceeded my expectations.  To also benefit from Lisa’s guidance and story-telling is a real gift.  The Power of Three will help us each begin to create better selves, personal relationships, work cultures, and a better society.  A must read!”

-Bryn Reese
Chief Development and Marketing Officer
Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana


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