BILL HOLLAND, Ph.D. Bill is an award-winning college professor, business executive, and author. Using proprietary intellectual property from his four books on career management, Dr. Holland has helped hundreds of clients find career prosperity. EXPERTISE: Parents of College-bound/college-aged kids.

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College to Career Catalyst, LLC is passionate about career success for college graduates in today’s challenging job market.

This mission is driven by:

  • Increased joblessness and under-employment among graduates
  • The need for students to land professional well-paying jobs at graduation commensurate with expectations
  • Increased global competition among skilled job seekers
  • The need for students to treat their college years as a four-year job search
  • Parental anxiety about how to be constructively involved.

College to Career Catalyst delivers resources consistent with its mission.  Some are directed to parents to help them become more effective career counselors.  Others are for students designed to help them prepare for and launch successful careers.   Still others are directed to companies and organizations also interested in improved career literacy among students and their parents.

Books that present practical and proven measures for success: 

  1. Parents Playbook: 7 Rules to Take Your Athlete from College to Career provides tips to parents to help their kids win in school, sports and life. The Playbook is punctuated with interesting stories and is particularly useful to college recruiters as an extension of their recruiting program. (To purchase visit
  2. The Path From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parents’ Guide presents insights about the importance of forming effective parent-student partnerships that deliver career success.
  3. Cracking the New Job Market describes how the old rules have changed and delivers new job-hunting strategies that actually work.
  4. Are There Any Good Jobs Left? Career Management in the Age of the Disposable Worker is for the millions of people who at one time have lost their job. It is about the tension of transition from employment for life with career development support and company-paid pensions to downsized, outsourced and replaced.   

Services/Courses that can be delivered in Workshops, Presentations, Webinars, or Individual Counseling: These are also targeted to organizations that may choose to communicate with their employees in a Corporate “Work-Life” Program about effective strategies for success in today’s job market.  Others interested in these services are those who may have heard of the company or read one of the books and wish to learn more about applying the material.

Popular courses include:

  1. Treating College as a Four-Year Job Search
  2. Managing Late Bloomers and Boomerang Kids
  3. Restarting Your Career
  4. Landing Your First Professional Job At Graduation

Other courses available include resume writing, preparing for the interview, negotiating job offers and more.  

Feedback About What We Offer

  • Holland has a particularly sophisticated understanding of what is happening in the job market and what to do about it on a personal level. — Barbara Ehrenreich, best-selling author of “Nickel and Dimed” and “Bait and Switch.”
  • Strong practical advice and not a lot of BS – parent/corporate work-life session attendee.
  • I am more confident when I start applying for jobs – student/workshop attendee
  • A humbling experience that has inspired me to revisit my job application strategies – student/workshop attendee
  • A course that is useful to parents and students – parent/webinar attendee
  • My grandson needs this – grandparent at a book signing

Career Coaching Services:  We provide a variety of in-person workshops,  online courses and individual counseling opportunities to help parents and students:

  • Treat college as a 4-year job search
  • Land that first professional job after college
  • Manage late bloomers and boomerang kids
  • Restart careers after graduation
  • See “Institutional Consulting” at end of document

We begin with the reality that parents of today’s college students are worried.  Given the realities of the new job market, they should be.  That’s why we have developed proprietary intellectual property that bridges the gap between college and career.

Visit us at to learn more about how we help you take the worry and anxiety out of preparing for today’s new job market.

Bill Holland is an award-winning college professor, business executive, and author who through his newly established company, College to Career Catalyst, works with parents, students and institutions interested in the career success of young adults. Using proprietary intellectual property from his 4 books on career management, Dr. Holland has helped hundreds of clients find career prosperity.






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