Introducing Your New Career Coach: Shannon Bradford

If You’re Not Happy in Your Career, it’s Time for a Rich Career Strategy

News reports are full of surveys reporting that anywhere between 50% and 90% of people are not happy (or, are downright miserable) in their work.

What’s happening? And why are so many people are unhappy?

I believe one of the primary reasons is that we weren’t taught how to approach our careers with a strategy. So, we end up in jobs that don’t meet our career needs, and don’t know how to change that.

In the old days, career was simpler. People were expected to have one career for life, and focused on climbing the career ladder. But today, the ladders are few and far between, and you will likely have multiple jobs and multiple careers.

In the old days, there was a limited menu of careers. It was easier to learn about and choose one career. Today, new careers are being created every day. And it takes extensive research to learn about the new ones.

In the old days, most people worked a full-time job for someone else, and that was their entire career. Today, many of us will have a portfolio of work that includes full-time jobs, freelance or project work, part-time jobs, volunteer experiences, and running our own businesses.

Today, having a career strategy is critical to doing work you love, and that loves you back.

But creating a career strategy is a complex and confusing process. And chances are, it’s not something you were taught to do. You might have been taught the basics of how to search for a job. Maybe you were offered assessments that measured one or more dimensions of career. Perhaps you were told to follow your passion or find your calling—well-meaning advice that seeks to simplify the process.

But you weren’t shown how to create a career strategy, with criteria, and an action plan.

When you don’t know where to turn, but don’t like where you are; when following your passion leads to a one-dimensional path that simply frustrates you; or when you like your job, but feel like your career is stuck in neutral, that’s when it’s time for a career strategy.

Work has a massive impact on our lives. It’s not just how we earn a living; it’s how we contribute our unique talents and have an impact on other people and the world. Work is how we build mentor relationships, how we learn about ourselves and others, and how we build skills and experiences that enrich our lives.

If you are not expressing your talents, it’s not just you that’s missing out. The world is missing out on your unique contribution.

I believe everyone deserves a rich career. And after working with hundreds of people in 15+ years of coaching, I’ve developed a system with tools that make it fun and easy to identify your ideal career criteria, create a career strategy, and then develop an action plan that is doable in small steps.

My clients call me their “Secret Weapon,” because I don’t just help them figure out what to do, I show them how they can get it done. After all, a strategy isn’t much use if it’s not workable in the real world.

If you aren’t happy in your work, it’s time for a rich career strategy. Keep an eye on the MSU Alumni LENS for career strategy advice or click on over to for free tools.


Shannon Bradford has aSecret Weapon Coach Shannon Bradford.jpg bachelor’s (’83) and master’s degree (’84) in communications from Michigan State University. She is the Secret Weapon Coach at Rich Career Nation and the author of Brain Power (Wiley). Shannon has helped hundreds of experienced professionals thrive in careers and small businesses with their own rich career strategies.

Twitter: @shannonshares

Phone: 734-709-6255



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