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Informational Interview With Keith McGorisk

Listen to MSU Alumnus and Program Manager  Keith McGorisk share his experiences with applying project management skills in a variety of occupations and industries as a part of managing a successful career.


Keith McGorisk is a senior-levKeith_McGorisk_MSU_Bio.jpgel Program Manager with a focus in technology. He has a broad set of skills and experience in a wide-variety of disciplines across multiple industries such as Automotive, Healthcare, B2B, Manufacturing, etc. Keith has excelled at working dozens of projects from start to completion. Over the years, Keith has held had many different roles in organizations, including as a leader, manager, trainer, mentor, consultant, and account manager. He has demonstrated the ability to consistently meet and frequently exceed expectations from his employers. He thrives in developing and cultivating lasting stakeholder relationships, especially with clientele and internal staff members. Keith enjoys the challenge of helping to build great organizations as well as continuing to facilitate their growth through excellence in delivery. He has been a dedicated, determined and persistent employee in his career. Keith has a bachelor’s degree in Financial Administration from Michigan State University and has an MBA in Management from Wayne State University.

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Twitter: @kmcgorisk 



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