As a mom, it can seem impossible to have a career that’s meaningful and fulfilling while also supporting your desired family lifestyle.  You feel you have to choose one – either settle when it comes to your job so you can be there for your family or pursue your ideal career and feel you are sacrificing something in your family life.  I believe you were meant to have more.

More fulfillment in your work. More flexibility to do what you love. More quality time with your family. More clarity in your direction. More confidence you’re on the right path. More courage to make a decision or change. More presence in each moment.  The “more” is available to you, and I’m here to help you find it if you want it badly enough.

So how do you get there?  We’ll work together in the following areas to get you on your path to more!

Vision and Passion – What are your big dreams? What do you envision as your legacy? What lights a fire in you? What things energize and refuel you?

Confidence and Courage – What are your set of skills and strengths that set you apart from others? What are small steps you could take today to get you on your unique path? What is holding you back from making a change? How can you overcome these fears?

Plan and Decide – What changes are you going to make? How will you get there? What are you going to say “yes” to, what will you say “no” to?  What does your map look like to get you from where are today and where you want to be?

Support Systems – Where are you drowning and in need of support? Who can be on your team to make everything work? What can be outsourced or delegated? Where do you need to set firmer limits on your time and energy demands?

You CAN have a fulfilling career and flourishing family, but sometimes you need someone to help you put all the pieces together and encourage you along the way.  Big changes can be made even with taking small first steps. I’d love to walk with you to support you as you get on your own unique, ideal path.


Robin Kegerise graduated from Michigan State University with a Masters in Labor Relations and Human Resources and is certified in Prosci Change Management and as a Compensation Management Specialist. She has over a decade of experience in HR consulting and Career Development and is the owner of Footprints Coaching where she specializes in coaching for moms who desire both fulfilling careers and flourishing families. She especially enjoys helping people to develop confidence, clarity, and courage to pursue their own unique paths.

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