Monday Mentoring Minutes – Anna Warbach


Spartan Alumna Anna Warbach discusses how she applied her background in Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling to a career in Healthcare Recruitment.

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Anna Warbach began her career working in a variety of programs helping adults and children with disabilities. She graduated from Michigan State University with her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling.

For 11 years, Anna worked in a community based vocational training program for adults with disabilities. In her role as a Vocational Services Specialist, she helped people learn work skills and made sure any disability related needs were met.

For 6 years, Anna was an Employment Specialist, matching people to jobs and partnering with businesses to meet their hiring needs. She has presented at conferences in Michigan and around the U.S. on the use of social media for job placement and development. Anna joined the QCI team in July, 2015 as a home health aide and soon after transitioned into her role as a recruiter.

In her spare time, Anna loves to be outdoors as much as possible. Running, hiking, biking and fishing are things you will find her doing when she is not at work. She also likes to cook for friends and family as well as watch sports and is an avid Spartan fan.

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