Spartan James Roby discusses the skills civilians and military job seekers need to persevere during the job search.

James H. Roby III was born in Detroit, MI. After attending Cass Technical High School, he went to Michigan State University. While there, he enrolled in Air Force ROTC. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. James was one of sixteen lieutenants hand selected to be the initial cadre of ‘Gold Bar’ Recruiters.

After completing this assignment, he went to Vandenberg Air Force Base for training as a Missile Launch Officer. Training complete, he was assigned to Minot Air Force Base where he spent four years, three months, twenty-three days, and seventeen hours as a missileer in the 91st Missile Wing. Before leaving, he earned his Masters’ degree from Central Michigan University.

After Minot, he was an instructor at the University of South Alabama. While there, he expanded his role to include teaching at the University of West Florida. This tour of duty was followed by a remote assignment at Clear Air Station in Alaska. James completed his military service at Peterson Air Force Base.

After ‘wandering the wilderness’ of civilian employment, he finally landed at Aon. James has done his share of traveling.  He’s been to World Cities like London and Toronto, seen three icebergs come together 500 miles above the Arctic Circle, and watched dolphins play in the Caribbean.  Still, no matter what, even when he’s not in Detroit, Detroit is in him.

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