Spartan David Wishinsky shares how his background in politics has influenced his decision to work towards an MBA from the University of Colorado.

David says he has always been fascinated by what causes people to make decisions. That is one thing that led him into electoral politics, where he worked as a fundraiser, raising about $10M in support of encouraging people to choose to support his candidates by successfully “selling their ideas”. Seeing that the private sector was affecting change more rapidly and in more exciting ways, he decided to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder to pursue an MBA. Here, his fascination with decision making hasn’t abated and he is focusing his studies on marketing, essentially making consumers choose your product instead of another. On campaigns, he was always tasked with unmovable election dates and financial reporting deadlines. He was always facing highly constrained resources, leading him to become an efficiency expert and an aggressive initiator in new, faster, and cheaper strategies. He hopes to bring this back to the business world by motivating consumers to choose the products or services he works to support, creating efficiencies to reduce bureaucratic delays and save money.

Having had many mentors throughout his academic and professional life, David highlights how important those were to his current success, and how students- particularly undergraduates- should take advantage of their status as students to reach out to any professional(s) within fields they are interested in, because most are excited about the opportunity to help and are willing to sit down and discuss their career.

In his spare time – which is becoming a limited commodity, he says- he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two cats, watching Michigan State football, and hiking. He has never lost a game of Monopoly, earned the first press pass ever for a blogger from the Oakland A’s, enjoys a good hefenweizen, and, if available, would pursue a Ph.D. in bullpen usage studies.

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