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San Antonio Spartans Create Scholarship


One of the primary ways Michigan State University alumni clubs can give back to their communities is through the funding of scholarships that are utilized to send local students to MSU. While some clubs choose to fund larger endowed scholarships, the impact of an expendable scholarship can be felt just as strongly. The San Antonio Spartans have a long-term goal of creating an endowed scholarship, which requires a minimum of $50,000 in funds. However, not wanting to lose the opportunity to participate in MSU’s 2017 Day of Giving, #GiveGreenDay, they created an expendable scholarship. Establishing this type of scholarship has no minimum required amount and can be created by clubs of all sizes. Club president Charlotte Minar (Agriculture and Natural Resources ’07) stated, “This scholarship program will enable our club members to directly provide financial assistance to local MSU Students. Our club will provide a scholarship to a freshman and an upperclassmen. Through these scholarships, our club will have a direct impact on two student roots on campus.”  The club members are very excited at the possibility of having such a significant impact on the lives of future Spartans.

In creating an expendable scholarship, the San Antonio Spartans gain access to MSU fundraising tools that they can use year-round. One tool is a “gift cart” that facilitates online contributions. The alumni club can use the gift cart URL in email and social media to direct donors to their specific fund. Contributions to the scholarship are handled by the university, and donors receive credit for their gift. In addition to the gift cart, the San Antonio Spartans will be able to improve upon the data for alumni living in their area and thus work to involve them further in the community. Those who choose to donate will also receive thank-you messages from both the alumni club and the university itself, which will help to ensure that donors remain engaged.

What the San Antonio Spartans have shown is that all clubs can participate in #GiveGreenDay while working towards a long-term fundraising goal such as an endowed scholarship. By creating an expendable scholarship and participating in #GiveGreenDay on November 28, 2017, the San Antonio Spartans will make a difference in the lives of future Spartans across the nation.

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Charlotte Minar (Agriculture and Natural Resources ’07),


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