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Michigan State University has a strong tradition of service and giving back to the local communities in which its alumni reside. With the 2018 Global Day of Service in our rearview mirror and a commitment to a year-round service initiative, alumni clubs have developed new strategies and utilized their members’ resources to assist in planning and execution of projects. One of these clubs is the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Spartans, who created a board position dedicated to philanthropy and service projects.

The purpose of creating a new board position was to build greater relationships with various volunteer programs and increase the number of projects done each year. “For us, the philanthropy position started with a relationship that we built after having two opportunities to have the Michigan State football team play in our area”, DFW club president Andrew Corsi stated. He followed up:

After reading about the impact that the team had on one of our local hospitals, one of our board members reached out and started to develop a relationship with one of the parents. We were actually fortunate to have his two daughters join us for the Big Ten Championship watch party. Seeing the impact that the team had on this family, we partnered with the hospital for an event. Seeing new faces out volunteering made us realize there was a desire and a need to have more events in the future. After bringing it up at the board meeting, the support for the new position was very positive and we voted to add it to our by-laws.

Laura Schroeter, the first to hold this post, has already significantly increased the number of service projects the DFW Spartans participate in per year. She stated:

Since the DFW Spartans have decided to add a dedicated Spartan Service Chair to the board, service events have transitioned from 1-2 events per year, including Global Day of Service, to a major focus of our organization, hosting 5+ events per year. One of the biggest benefits (aside from the obvious generosity and philanthropy that results) is the opportunity to engage another segment of our membership which has not previously been as involved. These people may not attend game watch parties or other more social events, but the service events resonate well with them.

Not only has Schroeter’s dedication helped to increase the amount of service projects the club undertakes, it has been of great assistance to her fellow board members and helped to allow operations to run more smoothly. Corsi stated:

For me, having a dedicated person focused on brining these opportunities to our members allows us to have a single point of contact for volunteer opportunities. Our chair has been able to start and develop relationships with our partners and we’ve had several opportunities brought to us that our members have participated in because of those relationships.

Thanks to Schroeter and the rest of the DFW Spartans board, the impact they make in their local community will surely increase.

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The MSU Alumni Association is proud of how active our alumni clubs are in their communities. Many clubs undertake service projects on a regular basis, so if you’re planning a service project in your community we encourage you to register your project on the website.

Contact information for the DFW Spartans:

Andrew Corsi (Broad College of Business ’06 and ‘07),


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