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It Started With A Freckle – An Interview About Melanoma With Author David Stanley

David Stanley’s wife moved toward him for what he thought was a kiss. It turns out she was investigating a weird looking mole on his face. One relapse and two surgeries later, he put cancer behind him and wrote a book about it. In this interview he shares his joy for living, a bit of his perspective on the subject of Melanoma and why it is more dangerous and prominent than you might think, and his enthusiasm for Michigan State’s groundbreaking research on treating Melanoma, and potentially, all of it’s ugly siblings in the Cancer family.


David Stanley is an alum of Michigan State University. He is also a published Author/Freelance Writer/Science Teacher/Voice Over Actor/Entrepreneur. He was once a professional Cyclist, and still enjoys riding. He’s also profoundly curious and has a zest for continued learning and growth, but even greater is his passion for participating in meaningful experiences and squeezing every drop out of life that he can while he is still breathing!

You can find David’s book on Amazon. 

You can find David on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

Learn more about MSU’s GrandFondo event here.

Learn more about MSU’s research on Melanoma here. 


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