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Spartans Helping Spartans – Global Detroit Cultural Ambassador, Mentor

Seeking MSU alumni living near MSU that might be open to being a professional mentor to a current international student.

Global Detroit’s Cultural Ambassadors Program connects professionals with international students and graduates looking to be more connected to community and career resources. In our program, a mentor is a working professional who interacts one-on-one with students/individuals to provide guidance and support for a mentee looking to enter the U.S. job market.

Mentors can commit up to 10 hours a year of one-on-one support for students, when possible. The support can include phone conversations, video calls, and in-person meetings, attending networking events together, time permitting of course! We also recommend mentors share networking opportunities and professional conferences/events that can be beneficial for the mentee.

While many of our mentees are in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math) fields we are open to all disciplines for mentors that can help pave the way to opportunities for foreign born students and young professionals looking to advance.

Anyone is welcome to be a mentor if they feel they have the capacity and knowledge and are willing to go through our training and information session. US citizenship is not a requirement.

In Global Detroit’s four-year history, the Cultural Ambassador program has forged 180 professional connections between incumbent professionals and immigrant professionals, including 90 direct one-on-one matches. 157 volunteers were engaged and there was more than a 500 percent increase in matches in the last year of the program.

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