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Top 4 Qualities of Successful CEOs

In this video, Executive Career Coach & MSU Alumna, Jill Windelspecht shares a few of her favorite points about Decisiveness, Engaging for Impact, Relentless Reliability and Adapting Boldly and what makes a great CEO from the book “The CEO Next Door” by Elena Botelho and Kim Powell.

This is the first in a multi-part series; to view the remainder of the series please click here. 

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Jill Windelspecht, Certified Executive Coach in Emotional Intelligence.  Blending neuroscience, social science and 20 years of experience leading talent management globally, she provides executives, organizations and individuals coaching and consulting to help them move from success to significance.  Expertise: Interviewing Prep, Behavioral Based Interviewing, Clarifying and Achieving Potential Goals, Career Coaching. 

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