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Ten Things To Consider Before Making A Job Change

By Karen J. Reiff

The one thing that is inevitable about post-college life is change. Sometimes it is thrust upon us like a hurricane and we are left to work through the crisis the best we can in order to survive. Other times we choose the change and have a little more control over where we want to end up. Before you choose to make a leap into another job, or another career, take a minute to consider the following thoughts:

  1. If you find yourself asking if it’s time to make a change, it’s probably time to make a change.
  2. The first step in making a change is identifying the reason or reasons why you are considering a change.
  3. Ask yourself whether the reasons for the change are temporary or something that are likely to permanently impact your current position.
  4. Figure out whether you just need to change companies or if you need to change your entire career.
  5. If you’ve decided it’s time to make a change, make a plan for what you want to do next before you take any action.
  6. Inventory your accomplishments and what you have to offer another company or in a different career path. This is absolutely the most critical step whenever you transition! 
  7. Consider if you need additional skills, education, or training in order to make a successful job or career change. Investigate how to acquire what you need before you make the change.
  8. Don’t burn the bridge at your current job. Give ample notice and offer to train your replacement.
  9. Get your financial house in order before you take action on your job or career change. Stockpile cash to help you during the transition.
  10. Make sure you are moving towards something you want, rather than just running away from something you don’t like.

Sometimes the grass may look greener on the other side. However it is important that you calculate the risks and rewards before you make your leap of faith. That’s the best way to make sure that you don’t end up in the same fertilizer that inspired your leap.


Karen J. Reiff graduated from Michigan State University with a Master’s in Counseling and remains a proud Spartan. As a strategist, Karen specializes in crafting unique career stories— whether the format is a resume, cover letter, personal brand statement, LinkedIn profile, career biography, interview talking points, or more. She also specializes in career coaching so individuals can be completely confident, whether it’s interviewing, negotiating, preparing for a “meet-and-greet, or how to express their unique value in a sentence or two. She is an: Academy Certified Resume Writer, Master Career Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor and published author and blogger.  

Karen takes the time to uncover strengths, personality, accomplishments, and goals, and transform them into tools for each client’s career management toolkit. She provides services designed to help get the interview, get found on LI, communicate in interviews, and help clarify one’s personal brand and unique value to recruiters and employers. Her knowledge of what works is cutting edge.

Click here for more information about Karen, including her contact information. 


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