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A Joyful Job Search Through the Holidays

By Lisa Parker w/ Dave Isbell

– The holidays can be a difficult time for job seekers. Learn how to keep the momentum going when everyone else is slowing down.

Welcome to #FlashbackFriday! This week, we are re-running a webinar that was originally released on 11/18/2015 by the MSU Alumni Association’s own Lisa Parker & Dave Isbell. While it’s a few years old, and the focus of Lisa’s and Dave’s work is slightly different now, the content is as evergreen as a fresh holiday tree. [Forgive the outdated reference to MSU’s ROSE BOWL team. But hey, maybe listening to it will bring you some holiday cheer as it reminds you of those good ol’ days!]


As the Senior Director of Alumni Engagement & Professional Initiatives for the Michigan State University Alumni Association, Lisa is living the Spartan Life while finding new ways to reconnect alumni around the world with MSU in a meaningful way. Whether you’re a newly launched Spartan or an alum with 30 years in the field, know the MSU Alumni Association is working hard to provide professional content and experiences to enhance your life with new connections, skills and ways of thinking. Lisa spent 15 years in the world of 3rd party recruiting. Though she’s no longer a recruiter, she finds the perspective she gained as a broker of talent immensely valuable in the work she does crafting webinars, streams and events for professionals interested in learning how to successfully navigate their chosen path. The areas I find people need the most help with are broadening their awareness of what’s out there, getting a solid handle on what they bring to the table, figuring out what they truly want to do in life, determining the value of what they have to offer and overcoming a variety of obstacles that seem determined to plant themselves firmly between the individual and a successful outcomes.

Dave Isbell is a Licensed Master Social Worker (Clinical w/ Macro Endorsement), Certified Career Development Facilitator & Job/Career Transition Coach, and Certified Online Instructor. Most of all he’s a lifelong learner. In his role at Michigan State University, he brings all of that background to work with him to collaborate with other Spartans in order to develop and curate content that supports alumni in their own efforts toward personal and professional enrichment. 


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