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Take Another Look At Your Online Presence!

By Karen J. Reiff

Social media was the “cool new thing” a decade ago. Everybody was emailing you to join some kind of “next best thing” and you just had to be there for fear of missing out, right!?! Whether you still long for the dopamine response of seeing that next post, tweet, or comment, or you’re enthusiasm has waned for these tools, and you’ve become complacent (or given up) it would do you good to spend a few minutes thinking about them again. Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider that could affect your career options:

Conduct a Social Media Audit

  1. Google yourself. Think like a hiring manager or recruiter and conduct a Google search for your name. You may need to conduct a couple of searches using different variations of your name (First Name/Last Name, First Name/Middle Name/Last Name, First Name/Middle Initial/Last Name) to see what comes up.
  2. Review your current social media profiles for any potentially objectionable content. Also determine if any profile information is missing, or if there’s anything you can add. (For example, you can add a link to your blog in your LinkedIn profile.)
  3. Change the privacy settings for any religious or political posts. Delete any posts that show you engaging in anything that a prospective employer may find offensive or inappropriate.
  4. Use the Reach™ Online ID Calculator™ to assess your online presence. You can find the tool here:
  5. See if there are any gaps in your social media presence — are there websites that are standard for your industry that you should be on (for example, an Instagram account if you’re a photographer)?

Increase Your Social Media Participation

  1. Assess your current social media accounts. Are there any you’re not using? (Thought you were going to post on Twitter but gave up after a couple of weeks?) Delete or deactivate unused accounts so they no longer show up in your active search results.
  2. Review your privacy settings on any accounts you’re keeping. First, make a list of the accounts you have. Next, check your privacy settings for each account.
  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is considered “complete” by LinkedIn standards. Populate your industry and location, an up-to-date position (with a description), add two past positions, include your education, define at least three skills, add a profile photo and make sure you’re connected with at least 50 other people.
  4. For consistency, consider changing your profile photos on all of your social media accounts to the same (professional) photo so it makes it clear that the hiring manager found the right person!
  5. For the social media platforms where you’ve decided to cultivate your online presence, develop a schedule for adding new content regularly.

Do More on LinkedIn – (It’s still your best source for maintaining professional connections!)

  1. Do one thing to improve your LinkedIn profile: Create a custom Headline for your profile, review your current job position/description and make sure it’s updated, or review/add to your Summary.
  2. Increase your connections with Contacts by connecting with one of your references on LinkedIn or sending a connection request to a former co-worker.
  3. Publish something relevant to your career/industry on LinkedIn today — a status update or a LinkedIn Publishing post.
  4. Get involved in a new LinkedIn Group today. Despite Linkedin’s moves away from supporting groups as platforms for engaging new people, there are still a great many groups to choose from and they can be a great way to meet new people who are interested in the same professional topics.
  5. Be conscientious about who you give an endorsement or recommendation to. Are there people who you’ve recommended in the past who you’ve discovered are “bad actors?” Don’t be shy about deleting those endorsements/recommendations. But don’t be shy about handing them out to people who reflect positively upon your professional brand. After all, no matter which technological platform we are using, it’s still all about who we know!


Karen J. Reiff graduated from Michigan State University with a Master’s in Counseling and remains a proud Spartan. As a strategist, Karen specializes in crafting unique career stories— whether the format is a resume, cover letter, personal brand statement, LinkedIn profile, career biography, interview talking points, or more. She also specializes in career coaching so individuals can be completely confident, whether it’s interviewing, negotiating, preparing for a “meet-and-greet, or how to express their unique value in a sentence or two. She is an: Academy Certified Resume Writer, Master Career Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor and published author and blogger.  

Karen takes the time to uncover strengths, personality, accomplishments, and goals, and transform them into tools for each client’s career management toolkit. She provides services designed to help get the interview, get found on LI, communicate in interviews, and help clarify one’s personal brand and unique value to recruiters and employers. Her knowledge of what works is cutting edge

Click here to learn more about Karen, including her contact information.


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