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Informational Interview w/ Director of Culture & Talent Acquisition, Josh Brawley

Josh Brawley
Director of Culture & Talent Acquisition, Josh Brawley discusses his career journey and advice for other Spartans who are curious about similar paths.

At the time of this interview Josh held the responsibility of Director of Culture and Talent Acquisition at Fifth Wheel Freight. His primary role is to engage prospective employees, communicate his company’s message, and enhance his company’s culture. Josh has seen rapid growth in his duties at Fifth Wheel Freight as he was promoted to a POD Lead within six months of his hire date.

Prior to his time at Fifth Wheel, Josh worked at Michigan State University Greenline, the largest call center in the Big 10, where he managed over 120 students and helped raised over $2 Million for university scholarships.

Josh hails from Niles, Michigan where his family still resides. His mother is the Principal of the local high school, and his father runs one of the largest youth baseball program’s in Michigan that totals 12 teams in age groups of 8-to-18. He and his family have a strong educational background with 15 members of his family teaching professionally.

Fun fact about Josh: He played dodgeball for Michigan State in college!!

If you’d like to ask Josh for an informational interview, you can contact him on Linkedin or email him here:


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