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Informational Interview W/ I.T. Software Salesman Aaron Csepregi

In this Podcast, MSU Alumnus Aaron Csepregi shares how he has successfully navigated a career that took him from a degree in Supply Chain Management to his role in outside sales of IT software.

Aaron Csepregi graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Supply Chain Management. He has had the opportunity to work along many gifted and intelligent individuals throughout his fifteen year career thus far. From his first job as a Supply Chain Strategy Consultant at IBM to his current position as an IT Software Salesman at SSI Schaefer, he has not only learned business lessons, but also many life lessons that he will carry for the rest of his life. Having performed various positions such as Project Manager, Senior Consultant, Implementation Manager and Salesman, he now also has a skill set that can be utilized for many different positions going forward.

Contact information:


Twitter: @acstate10

Instagram: acstate10

Facebook: Aaron Csepregi

LinkedIn: Aaron Csepregi

YouTube: Aaron Csepregi


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