By Ryann Scherdt

When you enter freshman year the endless possibilities can be daunting, but really they should be exciting. From the moment you step onto campus flyers will be handed out, people will randomly start conversations with you, and you’ll have to decide what things interest you and what is a waste of time. Do not let all the options and conversations scare you.

You are not expected to sign up for a million things your first day on campus. You have four years to do everything you want, so don’t feel rushed to decide what to participate in. I am a senior about to graduate this winter and I’m still looking to join new clubs and meet new people. You do not have to accomplish all your goals in 1 year. However, as my time on campus is starting to come to an end, I can tell you that these four years do go by really fast. I really wish someone would have told me how fast college goes by so I could start making the most out of my college experience my first year as a student. So now I am going to give you the tips I wish someone would have given me when I first started:


College is the perfect time for getting out of your comfort zone. It is a time for exploration and finding yourself. There are many ways to expand your horizon. You can take a class on a topic you never had the chance to learn about, study abroad in a country that fascinates you, or start a hobby that you never had time for. The opportunities for new experiences are endless. Also, there are lots of resources available to students on campus, so take advantage of them while you are here.


There are so many different ways to get involved on campus, so you’re bound to find something that’s the right fit for you. Join a club or get involved in Greek life. There are over 900 clubs and organizations on campus. If you can think of a club idea, you can probably find one that already exists on campus. Additionally, there are many business and social fraternities on campus who are always looking for new members. If you are looking for a more active approach to getting involved, try joining an IM sports team. They are a lot of fun, and a great way to add exercise to your daily routine. Participating in extracurricular activities can also help you when you compete for future job opportunities.


Getting involved is one big way to meet new people. Getting to know students in your classes can benefit you when you need help with an assignment. Also, seeing a friendly face in a large lecture hall can help make the class a little easier. It might even give you the extra motivation to not skip your 8 am class. Your dorm is another great place to make connections. If you are living on a floor with mostly Freshman, try keeping your dorm room door open when you are just hanging out. Or, knock on rooms around you and ask them to do something. This can be a great way to meet new people.

Also, remember that the first people you meet on campus might not be the same people you are friends with your senior year. Continue to make new friends throughout your years on campus and stay close to the ones that support you. There are close to 40,000 undergraduate students attending MSU, so you are bound to find the right people to spend time with.


Ryann Scherdt is an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy along with Social Relations and Policy. She is in her Senior year and for the past two years she has worked for the MSU Alumni office as a student employee where she has been applying research and data collection efforts to her role in assisting to manage social media accounts. She will graduate in December 2019.


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