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14 Times When You NEED To Update Your Resume

By Karen Reiff

So you’re starting a job search and you need your resume. That’s the place to start, right? Well, yes and no. If your resume is going to be effective it must be more than a document that lists past job descriptions. It has to capture who YOU are and what solutions YOU can bring to the work environment. Sure, you can wait until you start looking for a job to dust this thing off. However, your resume will do much more for you if you use it as a tool for self-appraisal before you use it to sell yourself! In addition to the job search, you might also consider updating your resume when:

  1. Your current resume isn’t working.
  2. You got a request for a current resume — and you don’t have one.
  3. You’re in the market for a career change.
  4. You’re a new graduate.
  5. You’re unsure of your market worth.
  6. You’re in a rut.
  7. You’re moving.
  8. You need a resume that stands out.
  9. You’re too modest.
  10. You want to search online.
  11. You don’t have time to write one yourself. (Get a 3rd party perspective BEFORE you need to look for a job! That way, you’ll be able to course correct or gain necessary experiences before you even know you need to look for a new job.)
  12. You’re self-employed and are looking for a “real” job.
  13. You’re re-entering the job market after an absence.
  14. You’re a senior executive — and you have to look on paper like you’re worth that six-figure salary.

Take the time to look at your resume now before you need make that leap! It’s well worth your investment. _____________________________________________________________________________

Karen J. Reiff graduated from Michigan State University with a Master’s in Counseling and remains a proud Spartan. As a strategist, Karen specializes in crafting unique career stories— whether the format is a resume, cover letter, personal brand statement, LinkedIn profile, career biography, interview talking points, or more. She also specializes in career coaching so individuals can be completely confident, whether it’s interviewing, negotiating, preparing for a “meet-and-greet, or how to express their unique value in a sentence or two. She is an: Academy Certified Resume Writer, Master Career Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor and published author and blogger.  

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Karen takes the time to uncover strengths, personality, accomplishments, and goals, and transform them into tools for each client’s career management toolkit. She provides services designed to help get the interview, get found on LI, communicate in interviews, and help clarify one’s personal brand and unique value to recruiters and employers. Her knowledge of what works is cutting edge.


Twitter: @RESstrategist




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