Diane owns Ring Results, an Austin, TX based leadership development and executive coaching firm serving top executives, managers, technical professionals and high potential talent from small, start up businesses to publically traded Fortune 1000 companies.  She has served individuals and organizations for 20 years to fulfill their potential through better understanding of emotional intelligence and connecting behavioral and neuroscientific knowledge with leadership development and career management. 

Diane is an MSU alum from 1982 with majors in Employment Relations and Psychology, and has been in perpetual learning since and holds numerous certifications.  She combines deep self-exploration with tangible tools to make sense of navigating careers in today’s “new normal” business world of accelerated volatility, uncertainty, and complexity.

Are you in a role that is a big stretch from your prior role?  Are you leading a team or a project and want to achieve better results, but simply don’t know how to go about getting them? Or, perhaps you know in theory what you need to do, but have been unsuccessful translating them to the real world.  The path to being an extraordinary leader in today’s complex world is rigorous and there are times when sink or swim or going it alone can set you back.

By identifying your unique strengths and motivations, establishing strategies to change and grow, and implementing weekly action items, you can have the business and career success your heart desires.  All you need is determination, willingness to learn and a coach – someone to guide and support you.  Perhaps that coach is me!  I help mid to senior level leaders and entrepreneurs get to the heart of what interferes with their success and empower them with new insight, tools and skills to achieve their highest vision for themselves and their teams.

Here’s How It Works

Get Clear:  We’ll use self or 360 degree assessments that are right for your situation to cultivate self-awareness that is essential to cultivating self-mastery.   We will dig deep and tap into your inner intelligence, strength and power.  Then we will get very clear about your coaching goals and specific results we are working towards.

Get Real:  If you want to change yourself, a team, department, a company, you have to get real and look at yourself and your situation honestly and without judgment to discover what you need to do to adjust in order to be an extraordinary leader. These conversations are extremely freeing and are necessary for  productive change.

Get Going:  With a targeted action in plan in place, you will learn new leadership practices using your day to day world as your “classroom” and the results you achieve as your “score card”.   This form of hands-on learning changes people in lasting ways and will touch you at a broader level than the passive learning such as lecture, reading, and thinking-driven methods.

Get Results:  I call my business Ring Results because achieving results is what I believe coaching is all about.  As we work together you will get “freed up” from what has been holding you back and create measurable business results.  You will be more creative, energized, and freer to act toward your desired goals.  Potential results include:

  • More Powerful and Effective Communication
  • Understanding What Energizes and Triggers Others
  • Ability to Self-Correct Under Pressure
  • Conversations for Action and Accountability
  • Objective Decision Making
  • Taking Strategic and Bold Action
  • Building High Functioning Teams

Why Me?

In 1996, I founded my own business helping companies and their leaders grow and solve big challenges specializing in executive coaching and leadership consulting.  This followed 14 years where I held various roles in sales, marketing, training and recruiting, Initially I coached downsized executives to reconstruct their career paths and since 2002, shifted my focus to coaching leaders and teams toward higher performance.  My coaching approach is informed by a philosophy of life-long learning, doing what you love and constantly adapting to our ever changing world.

Through coaching executives and their teams, I’ve been privy to the inner workings of companies that make our breakfast cereal, recliners we watch football in, medical devices that heal people, and parts that make our cars run. I’ve been privileged to work with leaders on the plant floor to the board room.

Beyond giving me a great academic start, being a Spartan has given me a community of spirited and genuine people to connect with regardless of where I am in the world. I wear my Spartan spirit proudly and look forward to supporting you and our great community to thrive and be the change you wish to be in the world.

My coaching fee is $250/hour


  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • New Role Transition Coaching
  • Enneagram Personality Assessment and Debrief Session
  • Executive Presence Coaching


Web site:  http://www.ringresults.com

Email: Diane@ringresults.com

Phone Number: 586-942-5085


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