RICH MILLER, B.S., J.D., LL.M.  Award winning career coach.  I have assisted thousands of professionals in launching a new career, not just finding a job.  Ten+ years career coaching and 20+ years HR and Adjunct Professor.  Published in print and internet; Guest speaker & radio talk show guest. EXPERTISE: Career Assessment; Resume development; Job Search Techniques; Interviewing; Offer negotiation.

Career coaching is not just about finding a new job, it is about finding a new career.

I am an Executive Coach with over 10 years of experience in career transition consulting and an additional 20 years of employee relations and labor relations experience.  I have been a vice president of human resources with Fortune 500 and international companies.  I was the managing consultant for a 5+ state area with the career transition firm Drake Beam Morin.

I will guide you through the entire process, from initial assessment, resume development, how to find positions, interviewing, and offer negotiation.

A person is best known for what people say about him/her, not what they say about themselves:

Rich is an insightful and dedicated professional. His breadth of experience is almost prismatic in how it guides and informs discussions, allowing for different views of a topic. He was an invaluable resource to me during my transition.  Moir D.

Rich has honed the profession of human capital management to a fine art, characterized by an innate ability to read between the lines and quickly develop a deep understanding of candidates. His portfolio includes world class career coaching and mentoring. At DBM for example, he coached and mentored thousands of individuals from factory hourly through CEO. His eye for the details on a resume, and ear for the specifics when coaching for an interview make him the go-to resource in this category, clearly in the top 1% of the market. A very significant strength is his canny ability to focus candidates by reviewing and negotiating offers. Rich is a very talented individual and leader, well suited to help promote advancement potential for the C-level candidate, and the initial job aspirant alike. Bill T.

Over the past 10 years Rich has been my career coach on 3 separate employment searches. He specializes in building powerful resumes for employment seekers and through the entire process he is preparing the individual for the actual interview. Another impressive aspect in working with Rich is he is up to date on the latest industry trends in Human Resource employment recruiting and can offer meaningful insight into how to handle potential situations that may arise in in the hiring process. I highly recommend his career coaching skills to anyone heading into todays complicated job market.  Craig A.

Rich helped me with my job search, including updating my resume. The improvement in my resume is significant. The process we went through helped prepare me for interviewing. Rich was great to work with, and clearly communicated his thoughts to me in a simple, easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend Rich as a career coach. Bill W.

Rich is outstanding! He provided advice that was frank, actionable, and specific to my individual needs and circumstances. He delivered a highly professional level of service with a very personal feel to it. Truly, a gifted individual that I am honored to have in my network. Scott M.

Rich is the consummate professional. Seasoned in the fields of Human and Labor relations, his ethic and moral standings are beyond reproach. An empathetic listener, Rich challenges his clients to think creatively and to take control/ownership of their personal situation(s). I am a better businessman/professional as a result of Rich’s counsel and guidance.  Thomas K.

Rich is high energy individual that can connect and motivate others even under the most unique circumstances. He is full of fresh and well thought out ideas, honest and inspiring. I have known him to be an effective leader as well as productive contributor. Sam K.

Rich was my career coach and confidant, and helped with my transition strategy. He was available to provide realistic advice at times of my mental and emotional stress. As a facilitator he managed to guide discussions to maintain objectivity and permitting the release of emotion tensions. Rich was a teacher and delivered crucial information where much discussion was encouraged for clarification. Bill P.

I’ve worked with Rich Miller over the course of five years and highly regard his training and coaching skills. Through his counseling and direction. I started a consulting business and networked with others to advance my business model. His patience, ability to keep clients focused, background and expertise in human relations and business operations have been invaluable. Joseph H.

Rich was very responsive and supportive during my job search. He offered valuable insight and is very knowledgeable regarding his profession. I would highly recommend him for a consultative position. Ron H.

Rich is not only one of the most professionally competent people I’ve ever met, but an extremely personable guy as well. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Ron V.

Rich was very helpful to me during the initial stages of my displacement and job search. Rich not only focused on the mechanical aspects of my job search (i.e. resume, network, resources) but also helped me through the mental and emotional aspects of being displaced and reassessing my life’s priorities and opportunities. Chuck G.

Rich Miller is an outstanding management consultant and provided excellent coaching and networking advice. He provided me with superb counsel and guidance during my transition period as a senior executive. I would highly recommend him and plan to continue using his coaching skills in the future. James O.

Rich was the Managing Consultant at DBM when we closed down our Stanley Tools facility. Rich worked with all of the management, including myself, to assist with outplacement. He was knowledgeable and helped us to implement a solid strategy for a job search. He was consistently upbeat and positive which helped keep us always feeling like great things were just around the corner. I’ve always kept in touch with Rich over the last 12 years, he’s the best “networker” I know. Sandi C.

Rich was a tremendous resource to me. He provided the resources and advice that I needed during my job search. He has an uncommonly practical view point and is a skilled listener. Rich has the ability to clearly express difficult concepts concisely and with clarity. With his assistance, I gained a better position than I had previously had. Rich will always have my admiration and respect. Jonathon A.

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Phone: 913-402-8476

Regular fee:  $125/hour

MSU discount fee:  $100/hour with 5 hour package.  Initial call, no charge.




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