Professional Certified Coach // Executive + Leadership + Transformational Coaching // Relationship Expert // Limiting Belief Squasher [M.S., ACCC. PCC].

Expertise: Breakthrough Coaching, Leadership Presence, Relationship Patterns, Elimination of limiting beliefs, Visioning + Execution, Strategy + Accelerated Results.


There I was at a vegan pool party at Moby’s castle sharing some celery juice with the lead guitarist of Real Big Fish and I was at the top of my game… Just another day in LA.

On paper.

The truth is… I found myself in a familiar place. My heart knew something was off, but my ego wasn’t willing to look – until, one day, standing in an LA recording studio, working with John Legend as he put the finishing touches on the song “All of Me”, I realized that despite an outward appearance of success… I was miserable.

I had a hidden belief that all of me wasn’t enough.

This is where I decided to do things differently and hired my first coach. I choose someone who would give it to me straight, tell me what I wasn’t seeing, and help me take on the powerful and deep work to make permanent shifts and regain control of my life. Uncovering and shifting these beliefs hasn’t been easy for me BUT now I have more access to my mind, body, spirit, and power than ever before.

The work I did with a coach made such a profound difference for me that I decided I wanted to BE one! I took on years of training, certification, practices, and breakthroughs. I now help men dig deeper, love more fully, and share more authentically so they can become better leaders who make bigger impacts. I support them in committing 100% to their lives and no longer using fear, avoidance, procrastination, you name it in their lives.

Together we stand for Love, Acceptance, Authenticity, Full Expression, Relationships, Commitment, Integrity, Desire, Success, Purpose, and Wealth just to name a few.

I create the conversations to show them what is possible from this place.

If you find yourself curious what else is out there for you… Let’s Talk!

Instagram: @jeffzacharski

Linked In: jzacharski


Fees: Coaching packages vary. Offerings include 1:1 Coaching, Full and Half day Vision + Execution sessions, Group & Team Coaching.

Initial consult with MSU discount: $100 (I will donate $25 from each session back to MSU)

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