Hire a Career Coach

EVERY STAR PLAYER HAS A COACH – We’ve made it easy for you to find yours!

As a Spartan you already know that great coaches make championship teams.

So why are you trying to build your career on your own?

We have made it easy for you to find a coach who understands your needs.

Every career coach listed below has proven to us the following things:

  • Their support for Michigan State University and desire to serve fellow Spartans.
  • Knowledge of relevant career coaching practices.
  • Proven results in helping clients obtain their desired outcomes.
  • A commitment to providing ethical and timely services via distance coaching (phone, skype, etc.) or in-person when that is appropriate.
  • Fees that are in-line with comparable services nationwide.


What are you waiting for? Making an investment in the right career coach could save time and money! Take that next step in accomplishing your next goal.

Clear here to watch this webinar for some great advice on how to select the right Career Coach. 

Good luck finding your new career coach!

Hire a Career Coach

Rich Miller

RICH MILLER, B.S., J.D., LL.M.  Award winning career coach.  I have assisted thousands of professionals in launching a new career, ...
Hire a Career Coach

Lance Hazzard

LANCE HAZZARD, CPCC, ACC, CERTIFIED INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP EXECUTIVE COACH. Provides executives, organizations and individuals personalized coaching that helps them successfully achieve ...
Hire a Career Coach

Brad Waters

Career Confusion? Start A Career Journal. Right after high school, I did a short stint in a culinary arts school. ...
Hire a Career Coach

Robin Kegerise

As a mom, it can seem impossible to have a career that’s meaningful and fulfilling while also supporting your desired ...
Hire a Career Coach

Monica Marcelis Fochtman

I recently read Mistakes I made at work, edited by Jessica Bacal (2014). The book is a compilation of stories ...