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Cracking the New Job Market – Part I with Q&A

R. William “Bill” Holland, Ph.D. – Join best selling author, Bill Holland, to learn how times have changed and how ...

Strategies for Working with Difficult Students

Rosaline Kuiper, M.A. – Teachers (and parents) in the K-12 educational system will learn tips on how to manage, and maybe ...

Global Marketability in an Age of Limitless Borders

In this webinar, Spartan and CEO of Mango Languages, Jason Teshuba , discusses why learning a second language is an ...

100% Employee Engagement—Guaranteed!

By Ross Reck (Guest Blogger) The term “employee engagement” is used to describe a situation where employees are excited about ...

Spartans Helping Spartans – New Offerings!

Hello Spartans! Thanks for following our blog every week! We hope you are encouraged, enlightened, challenged, or entertained each week ...