Job Leads

The video below is a short tutorial on how to find a job lead at a Spartan-friendly company or how to share job leads with Spartans when your company is hiring.

Each week we collect and share the postings that were shared with us by Spartans and employers who want to hire Alumni. Help your fellow Michigan State Spartans by Tweeting or Retweeting job openings with us on Twitter (#msujobs), posting/sharing on Facebook, or sharing in the MSU Alumni Association LinkedIn Group (only for graduates of MSU) or email us your complete posting or a link to it at and we’ll make sure to pass it along in our Job Leads Digest!

Please note: We do not seek these job leads out, nor do we edit or screen them, the “Jobs Digest” is simply a convenience for job seekers and employers and we pass them along as written. (We do ignore those that are obvious scams or spam.) There are jobs listed that are for all stages of career and we do not pass judgment on whether or not it is appropriate for a person with a college degree. That being said, we have noticed that the majority of the leads shared with us do tend to skew toward candidates with a college degree and years of experience.

As with any other employment information you find we suggest that you do your research to determine the legitimacy and acceptability of these leads; applying for one is at your own discretion.

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