Need some advice on navigating a career transition or interested in learning about industries/occupations/businesses that Spartans are in? Hear an informational interview between students and “Helpful Spartan” alumni about their experiences.

Brian Graham: Business Development Specialist. Brian discusses his role as an Engineer and Businessman.

Calvin McDaniel Jr.: Associate HR Manager.  Calvin shares his experiences working in the HR field.

Ray Bates: Human Resources Business Partner/Military Veteran. Ray shares his experiences within the HR field.

Donald Krebs: Packaging Engineer. Donald shares his journey within Supply Chain Management.

Lauren Aitch: Entrepreneur/Clothing Designer/Philanthropist/Former Spartan Basketball Player. Lauren discusses her various roles as an entrepreneur, clothing designer, philanthropist, and former Spartan Basketball Player.

Richard Stankiewicz: I.T. Executive. Richard shares how he has seen I.T. change throughout his career, and advice for those thinking about going into the field.

Patricia Turner: Human Resources Manager. Patricia discusses her various positions within the HR field.

David Wishinsky: MBA Candidate. David shares how his background in politics has influenced his decision to work towards an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Jessica Pantano: Program Manager. Jessica shares how her broad-ranging experiences and curious nature led her to the position she currently holds as a Program Manager for Landis + Gyr load control solutions.

João Mattos: Social Media Strategist. João discusses how he turned his passion for social media into a career.

Katie Paulen: Human Resources Manager. Katie, a former Alumni Career Services Assistant for the Alumni Association, shares her experience as a Human Resources Manager at Wolverine Worldwide.

Molly Ziske: Senior Consumer Insights Manager. Molly shares how she tells stories with research and data within her position.

Elizabeth Battise: Digital Media Strategist. Elizabeth shares her experience in her role as a Digital Media Strategist at the Michigan State Senate.

Lacretia Davis: Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood. Therapist.  Lacretia shares how she got her start in the mental health field and became an Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood Therapist.

Jaimie Hutchison: School Counselor. Jaimie discusses her love for advising and empowering others to reach their goals.

James Roby: Operations Specialist, Air Force Veteran. James discusses the skills civilians and military job seekers need to persevere during the job search.

Rosaline Kuiper: Teacher. Rosaline discusses her passions for teaching and how she plans to create systematic change in her local school district.

Makena Schultz: Leadership and Civic Engagement Educator. Makena shares how her passions for agriculture and food systems led to a career in civic engagement and youth leadership.

Jessica Colombo: Marketing Manager. Jessica shares her experience with the mobil marketing industry.

Robin Miner-Swartz: Writer/Editor. Robin shares her experiences in journalism and how she transformed her writing skills to grow with this evolving industry.

Erika Myers: IS Business Relationship Manager. Erika shares how she applied her degree in Journalism to careers in Marketing and Project Management.

Kristen Miller: Event/Convention/Meeting Planner & Digital Media Specialist. Kristen discusses how she positively navigated a career transition from film to digital marketing.

Anna Warbach: Healthcare Recruiter. Anna discusses how she applied her background in Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling to a career in Healthcare Recruitment.

Jessica Pociask: Expedition Leader, Writer, Ecologist, Nature Photographer. Jessica shares her experiences with visiting all seven continents as a wildlife expert and expedition leader.

Lindsay Warren: Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning Consultant. Lindsay shares how she transitioned from Telecommunications into entrepreneurship and pursued her passions for animal rescue.

Michael DeMeritt: Entertainment/Film Industry Professional. Michael shares his experiences with the television and film industry and what it takes to successfully break into the business.

Keith McGorisk: Project/Program Manager. Keith shares his experiences with applying project management skills in a variety of occupations and industries as a part of managing a successful career.