Recorded Webinars

Every month the Alumni LENS at the Michigan State University Alumni Association collaborates with Spartans to host  “Spartan Insights” webinars. Register to view new offerings at

professional series

How to Pick and Work With An Executive or Career Coach. Diane Ring, BA., CPC. – Diane is an Executive Coach and Performance Catalyst and leads you through the journey of selecting the right Executive OR Career Coach to help you take  your career to the next step.

Military Veterans and Michigan State University. Sarah Mellon, M.A. – Learn about continued alumni leadership and collaboration opportunities and current offerings from the MSU Student Veterans Resource Center.

Marketing Multipliers: 7 Secrets to Build Your Business. Kevin Donlin, BA. – If you own a business or make marketing decisions for one, this one is for you!

Hack Your Career – Shannon Bradford, M.A. – Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or downright miserable in your work?  Use these hacks to easily pinpoint your next career step, make a plan, and make it happen, even if you only have small windows of time

Perseverance and a Few Secrets to Reaching Goals – Lisa Dietlin, M.A. – Lisa literally was run over by a taxi. Hear how she used that experience to catapult her toward success!

Engaging Student Leaders in Classroom & Community – Makena Schultz, M.A. – Learn how to develop youth into engaged, civic-minded leaders in the classroom and community.

Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Students – Rosaline Kuiper, M.A. – Teachers (and parents) in the K-12 educational system will learn tips on how to manage, and maybe even inspire, kids with behavioral issues in the classroom.

Global Marketability in an Age of Limitless Borders – Jason Teshuba, M.A. – In this webinar, Spartan and CEO of Mango Languages, Jason Teshuba , discusses why learning a second language is an important step in personal and professional development and how Mango Languages can help you to take this step in your journey.

How to Write a Resume for STEM Careers – Leslie Toth, MBA, CPRW, PHR. – Learn how to incorporate your science, technology, engineering, or math background into generally accepted resume writing practices that fit with human resource applicant tracking systems (online applications.)

How Career Truth Leads to Organizational Success – Robin Kegerise, MLRHR. & Angelita Becom, MBA. – Learn how to engage your employees in a way that helps your organization to prosper while at the same time helping to bring out the best in your employees.

MSU and the T-Shaped Professional – Dr. Phil Gardner, Ph.D. – How can you prepare for a career that does not yet exist or make a change when the occupation you have been in is no longer around? Learn about a model that MSU is on the forefront of developing that can help you develop your career toward the future, while protecting it in the present.

100% Employee Engagement – Guaranteed! – Ross Reck, Ph.D. – Join best selling author and speaker Dr. Ross Reck in this insightful and inspiring discussion, based on his book of the same title, about how companies can grow their bottom line through creating a culture that engages every employee.

Recruiting Experienced Talent – Lisa Parker, BS. & Dave Isbell, LLMSW, GCDF. – Lisa gives strategic insight, honed from her 15 years as a 3rd party recruiter, that will challenge you to think through your recruitment process. Additionally, Dave shares concrete ways in which to engage creatively with the ALUMNI LENS to aid in your recruitment strategy.

Spartans Will. Power. Global Day of Service – Daniel Mathis, MA. & Dan Dimaggio, BA. – Learn how to partner with the MSU Alumni Association to make your corner of the world a better place!

The Extraordinary Impact of Best Bosses – Duncan Ferguson, MHRLR. – Learn how to become a better boss by understanding the traits every great boss has.

What’s New in Resumes, Linkedin, and More – Karen Reiff, MA., LPC, ACRW, GCDF, MCC, JCTC – Learn how to keep your resume up to date and how to best position yourself for a new job, promotion, or career change.

Managing Your Career Transition – Karen Reiff, MA., LPC, ACRW, GCDF, MCC, JCTC – Learn how to keep your resume up to date and how to best position yourself for a new job, promotion, or career change.

Achieving Goals Through The Power Of Three – Lisa Dietlin, MA. – Turn your dreams into a goal and accomplish them with this proven system.

Negotiate Your Way To Success – Molly Fletcher, BA. – Everyone will need to negotiate something at some time. With near twenty years of experience as the only female sports agent in the industry, Molly Fletcher has learned a few things about negotiating tactics that she has passed on through this insightful webcast.

How to Prepare for a Layoff Before You Get Laid Off! – Laura Labovich, MLIR. – This one is all about developing a personal brand BEFORE you need to be looking for a job and what to do if you do find yourself in a layoff.

Recruiting & Retaining Millennial Talent – Jeff Ellman, BA. – Employers, learn a few expert tips from MSU Alumnus and the Co-Founder of UrbanBound Co., Hireology, and Homescout Realty.

Your Time Perspective As A Key To Well Being – Tammison Smith, MS. – Find out how your perception of time affects your career, relationships, and outcomes and what you may be able to do to make things better for yourself.

How To Build Relationships: The 52 Cups Story: Megan Gebhart, BA. – Networking is essential to career and personal development; learn strategies and hear insightful, and inspirational tales of how one Spartan has been successful at this key skill.

Spartans Without Borders: Dale Elshoff, MS – Learn how MSU alumni, staff, friends and family can volunteer their time and expertise to improve the quality of life in communities around the globe.

Creative Cross-Curricular Inquiry Through The Maker Movement: Michele Schira Hagerman, Ph.D. & Guests – Learn practical applications and ideas for K-12 teachers to get students learning in a hands-on manner.

Teaching With Technology for K-12 and Adult Education – Jessica Knott, MA & ABD; Heather Dufner, BA; Mary Wever, MA – Practical applications for technology in the classroom.

Select the Best, Forget the Rest – Cindy Gave, BA – Employers, learn a process for recruitment that will help you to hire superstar talent. (Job seekers would also be wise to watch this one.)

Creating Meaningful Apps in a Sea of Millions – Mike Vichich, BA – Learn from the CEO/Co-founder of how to get your app noticed in a crowded market place.

Your Military to Civilian Transition Battle Plan –  Samuel Boulet – BA, U.S. Army/National Guard – Tips and resources for translating your military experience to civilian roles.

New Horizons for PhDs: Careers in Industry   –  Julie McAnallen, Ph.D.  – What do you do with a Ph.D. when you decide you don’t want to work in academia? Gather a few ideas here.

Pick Me! Pick Me! Targeted Techniques for Standing Out – Kelly Holdcraft, BA – Write a resume and navigate your job search in a way that gets you noticed!

MI Spartan Impact    –  Monique Field, J.D. – Learn about a few of the current bragging rights as a Spartan that you can share with other Spartans (or with people who don’t yet bleed green!)

Pure Michigan Talent Connect Job Seeker Demo  –  Michelle Manikowski, BA, CBSP –  Presented here is a tool for you to get introduced to Michigan companies who are hiring in Michigan.

Introduction to Estate Planning – Theodore E.  Hughes, J.D. – Gather tips from an expert, author, and seasoned presenter on this subject.

A Joyful Job Search Through the Holidays – Lisa Parker, BS – The holidays can be a difficult time for job seekers. Learn how to keep the momentum going when everyone else is slowing down.

The Client Cloning Blueprint – Kevin Donlin, BA – Business owners, learn how to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.

A Penny for your Thoughts-Turning Change into a Positive – Lew Dotterer, Ph.D.  – Learn how to better organize your thoughts to navigate personal changes and stages of transition.

 The Entrepreneurial Artist– Leslie Donaldson, MFA – This one is for creative people and those who want to make a living in the arts. Learn how to better balance your creative and commercial interests.

Small Press Professionalism for Artists  Ryan Claytor, MFA – Though aimed at artists, this one is for anyone who wants to better learn how to manage their time and resources to complete large projects.

Navigating Career Fairs – Lisa Parker, BS – Should you even bother with career fairs? Learn how they can work for you if you use them appropriately.

Managing the Immigration Process for Employers & Individuals – Marc Topolewski, J.D. –  An expert in the field demystifies this often confusing subject for employers and interested individuals.

Mastering Graduate School Entrance Exams – John Rood, MA – If you are thinking about going to grad school, this webcast is a good place to start.

Franchise Entrepreneurs  – Lew Dotterer, Ph.D. – How is franchising different than other self-employment opportunities? Find out if franchising is for you.

Job Search Secrets Revealed! – Kevin Donlin, BA – Learn how to use creative job search strategies and time-tested marketing tactics to get noticed and hired quickly.

Trends in Executive Education – David Frayer, Ph.D. & Kristin St. Marie, MS – Business leaders and professionals learn how you can develop yourself, your team, and your organization and what MSU is doing to help.

Effective Job Search Strategies w/ Recruitment Agencies – Lisa Parker, BS – Job Seekers, should you use a third party recruiter? If so, how do you know who to use and how to get the most from the experience?

Working Effectively w/ Search Firms – For Companies – Ken Glickman, BME – Employers and Hiring Managers, learn the best way to find and work with a third party recruiter.

45+ Encore Entrepreneurs – Melissa Seifert, MPA & Catherine Gase – Tips from the AARP and the Small Business Administration on launching a small business, especially as a “twilight career.”

Employer Internship Training Session –  Amanda Dumond, BBA, CBSP & Sherry Doody, BA, SPHR – Employers and hiring professionals, interns can be terrific for employers of all sizes, learn a few tips  for how to get the most out of structuring internship programs that will help to attract the right kinds of talent your company needs.  

Cracking the New Job Market Part 2 – R. William “Bill” Holland, Ph.D. – Part two of this informative presentation for job seekers, more in-depth discussion on how times have changed and tactics for job search.

Cracking the New Job Market Part 1 – R. William “Bill” Holland, Ph.D. – Join best selling author, Bill Holland,  to learn how times have changed and how to navigate the “new world” of career management.



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