Connect With Helpful Spartans

“Helpful Spartans” are unpaid volunteers who are willing to be a resource for other Spartans who want to learn something about about an occupation, industry, or business. These people are unpaid volunteers but are not official representatives of or endorsed by Michigan State, so their opinions are their own and may differ from the University’s.

Prior to contacting anyone on this list, we strongly recommend that you read these suggestions for getting the most out of the opportunity to connect with these individuals. 

Click on each person’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast for a full bio.

Alexa Weatherwax: Student Leader, Graduating Class of 2015; Education. East Lansing, MI. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. 

Anna Warbach: Healthcare Recruiter. Detroit, MI. Listen to Anna’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Andrew Corsi: Certified Public Accountant. Irving, TX. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. 

Brian Graham: Business Development Specialist. Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Calvin McDaniel, Jr.: Associate HR Manager. Atlanta, GA. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Christopher Sell: Career Educator, Talent Connector, Business Developer. East Lansing, MI. Listen to Chris’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.  View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

David A Wishinsky: Entrepreneur & Former Political Fundraiser. Denver, CO. (Formerly Los Angeles, CA.) Listen to David’s “Monday Mentor Munites” podcast. View David’s “Spartan Insights” Discussion. 

Donald Krebs: Packaging Engineer. Orange County, CA. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Elizabeth Battiste: Director of Operations & Digital Strategy. Lansing, MI. Listen to Elizabeth’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Erika Myers: IS Business Relationship Manager. Detroit, MI. Listen to Erika’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Geoff Koboldt: Senior Operations Executive. Los Angeles, CA. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. 

James Roby: Air Force Veteran, Author, Insurance Professional. Chicago, IL. Listen to James’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcastView “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Jessica Colombo: Marketing Manager. San Francisco, CA. Listen to Jessica’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” Podcast.     View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Jessica Pociask: Entrepreneur, Expedition Leader, Writer, Ecologist, Nature Photographer. Traverse City, MI. Listen to Jessica’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Jessica Pantano: Managing Consultant, I.T. Detroit, MI. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. Listen to Jessica’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

João Mattos: Social Media Strategist. Detroit, MI. Listen to João’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” Podcast. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Katie (Copple) Paulen: Human Resources Manager. Grand Rapids, MI. Listen to Katie’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcastView “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Keith McGorisk: Project/Program Manager. Chicago, IL. Listen to Keith’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Kayla Weatherwax: Dental Student; Ann Arbor, MI. Listen to Kayla’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. View “Spartan Insights LinkedIn Discussion.

Kimberly Medlock: Writer/Communications Expert. Lansing, MI. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. 

Kristen Miller: Event/Convention/Meeting Planner & Digital Media Specialist w/ Background as a Set Production Assistant in the Film Industry. Charlotte, NC. Listen to Kristen’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Lacretia Davis: Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood Therapist. Westland, MI. Listen to Lacretia’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Lauren Aitch: Entrepreneur/Clothing Designer/Philanthropist/Former Spartan Basketball Player. Lansing, MI. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Lindsay Warren: Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning Consultant. Greater Detroit Area, MI. Listen to Lindsay’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. 

Makena Schultz: Leadership and Civic Engagement Educator. East Lansing, MI. Listen to Makena’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcastListen to Makena’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Michael DeMeritt: Entertainment/Film Industry Professional, Award winning Producer, Line Producer and Copy Writer. Los Angeles, California. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. Listen to Michael’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Molly Ziske: Marketing Research Professional. Detroit, MI. Listen to Molly’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcastView “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Patricia Turner, SPHR: Human Resources Business Partner. Battle Creek, MI. Listen to Patricia’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion. 

Ray Bates: Human Resources Business Partner/Military Veteran. Greater Philadelphia Area, PA. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Richard Stankiewicz: Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Senior I.T. Executive. Grand Rapids, MI. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Robin Miner-Swartz: Communicator, connector, #lovelansing cheerleader, Spartan for life. Lansing, MI. Listen to Robin’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.  View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Rosaline Kuiper: Middle School Teacher. Lansing, MI. Listen to Rosaline’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast. View Rosaline’s MSU LENS Professional Series Webinar.

Shane D. Shirley: Marketing & Advertising Professional. Orlando, FL. Listen to Shane’s “Monday Mentor Minutes” podcast.

Tiffany Gaston: Human Resources Consultant. New Orleans, LA. View “Spartan Insights” LinkedIn Discussion.

Wonder Compton: Supply Chain Analyst. Seattle, WA.

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